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Wacktrap FAQs - My Account

We never remove a wack unless it violates our Terms, or you do. If that occurs, your wack may be leavin’. And if it’s serious enough, your account may be too.
You won't always agree with every wack or all the content you view on the Wacktrap site, the reason we've designed wack Ratings and Comments.
Believe a wack, or its user, violates Wacktrap Terms? Report Abuse now.

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Wacktrap accounts are limited to individuals as members only, currently barring any account related to business or other entity. Our Team is diligently working to determine possibility of placement, fit, or incorporation pertaining to the Wacktrap community. Wacktrap may be contacted regarding Feedback here.
Please remember that the Wacktrap Messaging system is designed for individual member use only, never to be utilized for advertising purposes, solicitation or spam.
Wacktrap may be contacted here for Advertising Opportunities.

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‘My Account’ is your pit stop between wacks, for all that fun stuff. We'll get you connected, keep you connected, and give you lots of ways to share those wacks and add 'em where you want. We've made it easy to share your wacks on Facebook, tweet those wacks via Twitter, and share those wacks with your other favorite websites. You can even send 'em via our super-fast wack mail, or send 'em to your Connections via Wacktrap Messaging.
Once you've registered at Wacktrap, it's time to jump right in: write your wacks and attach those pics and video clips, Rate wacks, Comment on wacks, all while stackin' up major Wack Stats. Find out the latest in Wacktrap Forums: be a voyeur or jump right in. Message your favorite members, leave ‘em notes on their Scratchpads, even add ‘em as Connections so they'll always be at your fingertips.
And we’ve got the corner on all that critical stuff, keepin' you organized: from Wacktrap 'My Account' you'll track those wacks, share those wacks, add and manage your wack Subscriptions RSS Feeds. scope out and write on your Scratchpad, increase your Connections, send Wacktrap Invites or instantly add your favs right on our site using Wacktrap Bookmarks-so you'll never misplace that wack.
Ready to get started?   Join Wacktrap now
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Let’s be clear on this: Absolutely not. Never. Don’t do it. Wacktrap Messaging is not designed for advertising.

We realize it makes perfect sense to you. You're seein' a tight-knit community and are absolutely sure that one or more Wacktrap members could benefit from your services, goods or business opportunities. The untapped potential makes this the market for you, right? No. Not even close. If you’re sellin' anything, your opportunity is not at Wacktrap. We don’t care how great, viral or vital you believe your service to be.

We don’t bombard our members with email solicitations. For good reason. And we’re certainly not going to have you doin' it. This is their private sanctuary. For you, it’s a fresh, exciting business opportunity. For our members, not so much. Choose to violate our Wacktrap Terms by using Wacktrap Messaging in any effort to sell or solicit, misuse wack mail or misuse our Share feature, and you’ll be booted faster than you can blink. We mean it.

Spam or user solicitation is discourteous to the Wacktrap community, ruins the fun and integrity of the site and directly violates our Terms. Contacting users via the Wacktrap Messaging system constitutes dissemination of spam, whether that solicitation involves one email or 1000. Participation in dissemination of spam means your Wacktrap account is goin' to be disabled or removed without any prior notice to you.

So buy a business list, attend that next networking meeting, or set up an ebay account: whatever you choose, keep Wacktrap a spam-free zone.
If you’re absolutely sure of that business opportunity, contact Wacktrap Advertising Opportunities to put your stuff in the right place.

Received a solicitation? At Wacktrap, it’s no joke. We take abuse of our messaging system seriously. Report Messaging Abuse to Wacktrap now.

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The experiences, views and comments of Wacktrap users will not always match your own. They may not match ours. Fact is, there may be things on this site that you find outrageous. Some you may even find unacceptable to you. And there may be things we don't particularly like. But unless that 'something' violates our Wacktrap Terms, we're not removin' it.
Some of you are going to be highly irritated with us regarding the above. We can appreciate that. And we can and do accept it. But, be aware, we're not going to change. If we change for any one person or entity, we're in turn changing the integrity of the entire Wacktrap site. We believe in the practice of free speech. And if we truly believe in it, that speech has got to be protected. And if we play the role of censor, we can't simultaneously protect speech. You can't stand in the middle to change the world. Things just don't happen that way. And physically can't. We're prepared. We're at peace with it.
We understand what the above means. We're going to get a lot of grief. We'll also get some compliments. But we're gonna get a whole lot of grief. And we're prepared for it. Some of you are going to ask how we can possibly allow so many idiots on our site. Others will wonder how we've possibly managed to accumulate so many geniuses in one place.
Now that you know our stance, let's talk about what the above means to you. It means you may see things you agree with on this site, and some that tick you off. More accurately, and if we've done things right, you'll also see things that make you either irate or absolutely elated. Maybe both. At times you may have the sensation that the world has finally been enlightened. There are others like you. And, yes, you are finally understood.
At times, you'll be furious. You're going to wonder how we could possibly allow someone to share something so obviously outrageous.
We're not asking you to understand from the get-go. Stick with us. We have a feeling that, once you're here long enough, you'll understand exactly what we're getting at. As long as you follow our basic Terms-which are about as basic as it gets-we'll protect your ideas and expression as fervently as we back those of every Wacktrap user.
There's very few instances where a wack, wack Comment or its user will be removed. We don't boot our users without reason. So if you've headed down that road of removal, there's some serious stuff that is or has gone on. If you need a refresher on the few reasons for such serious action, please revisit our Terms now.
If you've experienced a threat of bodily harm made via our site or believe a user is acting in clear violation of Wacktrap Terms, please Contact Wacktrap and choose 'Report Abuse.'
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Want to see all your good stuff in one place? Or simply want to find that wack you've posted but still need to share with friends?
We keep track of your wacks, and all your posts, in 'My Account.' The 'My Account' tab is always accessible via the Wacktrap top navigation menu located on every page. We've listed each of your wacks, and all your other posts, by title in the righthand 'my posts' section.
You'll find all your most important, personal Wacktrap stuff in 'My Account' including profile info, Connections, Messaging, Bookmarks, Invitations, ScratchpadRSS Feeds Subscriptions, wack mail, our Share feature and more. You've just gotta be logged in to access your Wacktrap account and, if you're not, we'll take you to log in now.
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We don't want you gettin' lost. And with that in mind, we've designed three ways for you to Bookmark your favorite wacks or Wacktrap page-in a flash!
Add to Wacktrap Bookmarks:
You don't want you to misplace your favorite wacks. We understand-so Wacktrap's built in a system that puts everything at your fingertips, right from your personal Wacktrap Account. There's traditional ways to Bookmark-and there's the Wacktrap way. Once you get used to the Wacktrap Bookmark feature, we have a hunch you'll never go back.
You'll find a 'Bookmark This' link at the base of each and every wack-it's your direct connection to instantaneous Bookmarking. Once logged in, you'll be Bookmarking in just one click. The better part: you'll always be able to find every one of your Wacktrap Bookmarks in a permanent, organized list. And the best part: we keep everything for you, in one spot. Review or find your Bookmarks at any time-in seconds-all from your own, dedicated Bookmarks tab. All from 'My Account.'
We'll save every one of 'em for ya. As many as you need. So you'll never lose your way. But what if you no longer need that wack at your fingertips? Remove it just as instantly, in just one click: 'Unbookmark This' and we'll make it disappear in a flash. So you'll have lots of room for those new ones-without wadin' through the old.
Add to Desktop Bookmarks:
The 'SHARE' feature is found at the base of every wack-even your own.But first you've gotta make sure that wack's fully expanded. If you're seeing the ‘Read More’ link, click on that link or on the wack title. When expanded, you'll see a 'SHARE' button marked by an orange cross.
Click 'SHARE' to open its full menu. There you'll find a 'Favorites' option marked by a star icon. Use 'Favorites' to add that wack, fast, to your personal desktop Bookmarks menu.
Add to Bookmark Sites:
The 'SHARE' feature is found at the base of every wack-even your own.But first you've gotta make sure that wack's fully expanded. If you're seeing the ‘Read More’ link, click on that link or on the wack title. When expanded, you'll see a 'SHARE' button marked by an orange cross.
Click 'SHARE' to open its full menu. Once you've clicked, you'll see options to include some of the most popular Bookmarking sites like Google Bookmarks, Yahoo Bookmarks,, and many more.
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It happens: sometimes you move, sometimes just your email address does. Just make sure you're logged in, then visit 'My Account' where you'll be able to update your email address preferences-in a snap.
Can't find what you're lookin' for, or need help? Contact Wacktrap Now
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We trust you’re not hacking into an account that’s not yours, so the issue's probably related to a forgotten password or username. If that’s the case we'll get you back up and wacking in no time. Quick and easy.
Remember: both your Wacktrap password and username are case-sensitive. So if you're missin' a cap, or using a cap where one didn't exist before, you won't be gettin' into your account anytime soon. We're big proponents of security. And we're trying to keep you as secure as possible. Case-sensitivity heightens security to protect you, and your private info. Still can't remember where you put that cap? We'll reset it for you in a jiffy. Get Your New Wacktrap Password Now!
Still having a problem? If it’s something else, we’ll get to the bottom of it. Contact Wacktrap and we’ll take care of the rest.
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Do you really want to leave us? Breakups are hard, so please think it over.
If you’ve made up your mind and have to go, we’ll miss you. Simply Contact Wacktrap now via our webform and select ‘Closure Request’ from the dropdown menu.
The only thing we'll need is the email address you used when we first met. Has it changed since we met? Please first update Wacktrap email preferences first, in 'My Account,' before contacting Wacktrap. We know you need closure, so we'll make it as fast and easy as possible.

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If your Wacktrap account has been temporarily disabled, it's most commonly related to issues of Copyright or Intellectual Property Rights Infringement. In short, this means someone has legally notified us of a claim that their copyright or intellectual property rights (i.e., photos, writing, or other creative work) are actively being violated.
If you’re sure this is untrue, and claim instead that the work legally belongs to you and not anyone else, we need to hear from you. Immediately complete and send the signed DMCA Counter-Notice to us, per the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
Any Counter-Notice must include all the following:

  1. your physical or electronic signature;
  1. identification of the content that has been removed or to which access has been disabled and the location at which the content appeared before it was removed or disabled;
  2. a statement that you have a good faith belief that the content was removed or disabled as a result of mistake or a misidentification of the content; and
  3. your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address, a statement that you consent to the jurisdiction of the federal court in San Francisco, California, and a statement that you will accept service of process from the person who provided notification of the alleged infringement.

The Counter-Notice may not contain attachments due to security concerns, and will therefore not be received if attachment is included.
Completed and signed DMCA Notices and Counter-Notices should be addressed to:
Wacktrap, Notice Agent
PO Box 49864
Los Angeles, CA 90049
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Let’s be honest here: if we’re ticked off to the point where your Wacktrap account has been removed, you most likely know the reason. Remember the Terms you’ve read and agreed to when registering at Wacktrap? If you’ve forgotten, please revisit the three parts of Wacktrap Terms now: TOU, Copyright and Privacy Policy.
We don’t have a ton of rules at Wacktrap, and they're not complicated. Please simply follow them. We enjoy our users-we don't want any of you to go. We are adamant about the few basic rules instituted. Among the quickest ways to be removed from the Wacktrap site:
Don’t give us reason any to believe you’re involved in spamming or spam dissemination of any type. This includes attempts or acts of advertising or self-promotion. If you participate in any action or scheme related to phishing or spoofs, hacking, harvesting of information, or any other illegal activity pertaining to the Wacktrap site, it's going to be serious. Not just kicked off, because we're ticked off, but serious as in criminal activity serious. Never threaten the safety of a Wacktrap member, or send harassing communication to a member via Wacktrap Messaging or through this site.
Stay far away from any activity or instance involving violation of intellectual property rights or copyright infringement: if you attempt to steal from us or anyone else, it will create a problem. Infringement not only violates the owner’s creativity, energy, time, sweat and tears, but we don’t tolerate it-and neither does the law.
As you’ve probably noticed, we’re big proponents of free speech. Hate speech is not free speech: we will never tolerate any form of hate speech of any type, nor its attempted dissemination on our site. And while we respect and appreciate individual preferences and choices: if you appreciate porn, make sure your appreciation does not spread to the Wacktrap site.
One of the biggest ways to tick us off: do not even think of promoting any type of abuse on the Wacktrap site pertaining to any living being, human or animal. 
Now, if you honestly believe none of the above applies to you, that you haven't violated Wacktrap Terms, please Contact Wacktrap and select 'Accounts' from the dropdown menu. We'll answer questions pertaining to your current or former Wacktrap Account.
Disabled Accounts: If your account has been temporarily disabled and you'd like to to discuss what's occurring, please Contact Wacktrap and select 'Accounts' from the dropdown menu.
Removed Accounts: If your account has been removed without notice in accordance with our Terms, there's usually no error, and typically means it's pretty darned serious. If you do need to reach us Contact Wacktrap and select 'Accounts' from the dropdown menu.
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