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What kind of stuff can I access and do in My Account?

‘My Account’ is your pit stop between wacks, for all that fun stuff. We'll get you connected, keep you connected, and give you lots of ways to share those wacks and add 'em where you want. We've made it easy to share your wacks on Facebook, tweet those wacks via Twitter, and share those wacks with your other favorite websites. You can even send 'em via our super-fast wack mail, or send 'em to your Connections via Wacktrap Messaging.
Once you've registered at Wacktrap, it's time to jump right in: write your wacks and attach those pics and video clips, Rate wacks, Comment on wacks, all while stackin' up major Wack Stats. Find out the latest in Wacktrap Forums: be a voyeur or jump right in. Message your favorite members, leave ‘em notes on their Scratchpads, even add ‘em as Connections so they'll always be at your fingertips.
And we’ve got the corner on all that critical stuff, keepin' you organized: from Wacktrap 'My Account' you'll track those wacks, share those wacks, add and manage your wack Subscriptions RSS Feeds. scope out and write on your Scratchpad, increase your Connections, send Wacktrap Invites or instantly add your favs right on our site using Wacktrap Bookmarks-so you'll never misplace that wack.
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