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Do I have to include a pic, video, url or pdf in my wack?

Heck, no. You don’t have to attach anything to your wack you're not feelin' like including. Wacktrap provides optional fields, to allow our members inclusion of four different types of optional media and references. We've also provided a specialized field, for Location Name and address info for wacks related to any business.
While we certainly won't tell you anything you need to do, we've got a couple suggestions as to why you may want to include those extras in your wack.
If you’re a master of the English language or purist, you may feel your wack needs nothing additional. And if you're  ‘on the go,’ adding that wack as fast as your laptop can handle, you may not have the time.
If you’ve got a second to spare, here'why to consider that add:
•    A picture can be worth more than a thousand words. Upload digital camera images or use spontaneous, ‘on the fly’ photos taken via mobile phone, to make your point quickly.
•    Nothing says 'this happened' quite like a video clip. Even the shortest clips are indescribable through text alone, even for a master wordsmith.
•    URLs are handy, can be pasted in seconds, and make a fantastic reference point. One of the fastest attachments, URLs help instantly clarify.
•    The almighty pdf doc. Nothing says proof quite like a scanned document: if you scan and store, or have that pdf handy, substantiate your wack through a related document.
If you've got visuals or docs, Wacktrap members want to see 'em. They wanna know just exactly what you’re talkin’ about, and attachments make your point for you. When you include a visual, you’re givin’ 'em the full picture.
You're also rackin' up bonus Wack Stats for every attachment you add. And remember: pics, videos, URLs and docs are mighty popular stuff, helping people reference and share. Add those extras to get your wack promoted to the Wacktrap front page, for the world to see.
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