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I can share wacks with Twitter and tweet any wack instantly?

Yep. We understand, you can't let down those followers. We know how important it is to keep those tweets flowin’. Use Twitter to instantly tweet that wack, or send that wack to your Facebook profile in only seconds. You've got a busy schedule. We'll show ya how to do it all, l in just clicks.
Here's how to share and tweet that wack via Twitter fast:
Just choose that wack you’ll be sharin’. It can be your own wack, or anyone else’s. Make sure that wack’s expanded, clicking the 'Read More' link, so that you see the Wacktrap ‘Share’ feature button. Mousing over the ‘Share’ feature found at the base of every wack, you’ll see the Twitter icon become available. Simply click the Twitter icon and we’ll take you to send that tweet via a brand-new page, so you won't lose track of that wack.
If you’re already logged into Twitter, you won’t need to do it again from Wacktrap. If not, we’ll help you log in when you first click on the Twitter icon from our ‘Share’ menu. We've made it simple to share that wack: we’ll plug in that wack link for you. You won’t need to enter a thing. Just click Twitter’s ‘update’ button and we’ll send that tweet for ya, now.
Lookin' to follow Wacktrap on Twitter?:
Follow Wacktrap on Twitter now! (
Share that wack now! We've got 150 of your favs, just to get ya started:
Want to share that wack on another site instead, like Facebook, MySpace or your favorite social bookmarking site? Learn how to add that wack fast to over 150 top websites. Or share that wack with friends using our super-fast wack mail. No snail mail here. All right from the Wacktrap site, so you won't lose your place. Now that's easy.
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