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How do I view all my recent wacks in one spot?

Want to see all your good stuff in one place? Or simply want to find that wack you've posted but still need to share with friends?
We keep track of your wacks, and all your posts, in 'My Account.' The 'My Account' tab is always accessible via the Wacktrap top navigation menu located on every page. We've listed each of your wacks, and all your other posts, by title in the righthand 'my posts' section.
You'll find all your most important, personal Wacktrap stuff in 'My Account' including profile info, Connections, Messaging, Bookmarks, Invitations, ScratchpadRSS Feeds Subscriptions, wack mail, our Share feature and more. You've just gotta be logged in to access your Wacktrap account and, if you're not, we'll take you to log in now.
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