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I cannot log into my Wacktrap account. What do I do?

We trust you’re not hacking into an account that’s not yours, so the issue's probably related to a forgotten password or username. If that’s the case we'll get you back up and wacking in no time. Quick and easy.
Remember: both your Wacktrap password and username are case-sensitive. So if you're missin' a cap, or using a cap where one didn't exist before, you won't be gettin' into your account anytime soon. We're big proponents of security. And we're trying to keep you as secure as possible. Case-sensitivity heightens security to protect you, and your private info. Still can't remember where you put that cap? We'll reset it for you in a jiffy. Get Your New Wacktrap Password Now!
Still having a problem? If it’s something else, we’ll get to the bottom of it. Contact Wacktrap and we’ll take care of the rest.
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