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In the Black: Moving Up with Wack Stats

With us, it’s always in style. In fact at this moment, it’s never been better to be in the black. So we’re celebrating your Wacktrap participation with awarding you Wack Stats by the bundle when you participate on the Wacktrap site-movin’ you up to the highest ‘color’ on our scale.

We love color. In fact we’re big proponents. Life is comprised of color-bits and pieces to comprise the whole. And with black the sum of every color in the spectrum, we believe there’s no higher honor.

With every wack you add, every wack you share and Rate, and with every Comment you make, you’re already movin’ toward the black. But there’s even more ways to earn points on Wacktrap, and get movin’ fast. Doin' what you do best: simply sharing  a wack with friends, or adding that snapshot or video clip that says it all.
You’ll bang up big points-and fast: here's why you'll wanna visuals, documents or references to make your point. We'll be awardin’ you Wack Stats for your efforts-lots of ‘em. Visuals are great. Sometimes necessary. Often fun. And they’re one of the fastest ways to rack up points quickly. So if you love to point-and-shoot, or fancy yourself a filmmaker on the side, now’s your time for the limelight.

But what about that nasty enrollment process? We feel your pain. Which is why we’ve taken care of everything for you, from the beginning. From the moment you’ve registered at Wacktrap, you’re already enrolled and earning points from the get-go. No retroactive points to claim. Nothing lost. Lots to gain.

You’re earning Wack Stats now-for the stuff you’ve already been doing naturally. Maybe you’re just learning about it, but if you’re spending time at Wacktrap, the rewards are comin’ back as we speak. Now if you’re smart-and we know you are-you’ll find the way to maximize, that fits you best. For the frequent fliers in the house, you know the low-down: maximize any program, to your advantage. You can earn those Stats fast. There's lots of ways to earn Wack Stats so you can choose the things you do most-and best.

Life is busy. There’s no time to waste before gettin’ to the good stuff. Take a walk on the wack side: learn how you can rack up those Stats now.
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