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I’m really irritated by what a Wacktrap user said. What can you do?

The experiences, views and comments of Wacktrap users will not always match your own. They may not match ours. Fact is, there may be things on this site that you find outrageous. Some you may even find unacceptable to you. And there may be things we don't particularly like. But unless that 'something' violates our Wacktrap Terms, we're not removin' it.
Some of you are going to be highly irritated with us regarding the above. We can appreciate that. And we can and do accept it. But, be aware, we're not going to change. If we change for any one person or entity, we're in turn changing the integrity of the entire Wacktrap site. We believe in the practice of free speech. And if we truly believe in it, that speech has got to be protected. And if we play the role of censor, we can't simultaneously protect speech. You can't stand in the middle to change the world. Things just don't happen that way. And physically can't. We're prepared. We're at peace with it.
We understand what the above means. We're going to get a lot of grief. We'll also get some compliments. But we're gonna get a whole lot of grief. And we're prepared for it. Some of you are going to ask how we can possibly allow so many idiots on our site. Others will wonder how we've possibly managed to accumulate so many geniuses in one place.
Now that you know our stance, let's talk about what the above means to you. It means you may see things you agree with on this site, and some that tick you off. More accurately, and if we've done things right, you'll also see things that make you either irate or absolutely elated. Maybe both. At times you may have the sensation that the world has finally been enlightened. There are others like you. And, yes, you are finally understood.
At times, you'll be furious. You're going to wonder how we could possibly allow someone to share something so obviously outrageous.
We're not asking you to understand from the get-go. Stick with us. We have a feeling that, once you're here long enough, you'll understand exactly what we're getting at. As long as you follow our basic Terms-which are about as basic as it gets-we'll protect your ideas and expression as fervently as we back those of every Wacktrap user.
There's very few instances where a wack, wack Comment or its user will be removed. We don't boot our users without reason. So if you've headed down that road of removal, there's some serious stuff that is or has gone on. If you need a refresher on the few reasons for such serious action, please revisit our Terms now.
If you've experienced a threat of bodily harm made via our site or believe a user is acting in clear violation of Wacktrap Terms, please Contact Wacktrap and choose 'Report Abuse.'
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