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Can I use Wacktrap Messaging to advertise my company?

Let’s be clear on this: Absolutely not. Never. Don’t do it. Wacktrap Messaging is not designed for advertising.

We realize it makes perfect sense to you. You're seein' a tight-knit community and are absolutely sure that one or more Wacktrap members could benefit from your services, goods or business opportunities. The untapped potential makes this the market for you, right? No. Not even close. If you’re sellin' anything, your opportunity is not at Wacktrap. We don’t care how great, viral or vital you believe your service to be.

We don’t bombard our members with email solicitations. For good reason. And we’re certainly not going to have you doin' it. This is their private sanctuary. For you, it’s a fresh, exciting business opportunity. For our members, not so much. Choose to violate our Wacktrap Terms by using Wacktrap Messaging in any effort to sell or solicit, misuse wack mail or misuse our Share feature, and you’ll be booted faster than you can blink. We mean it.

Spam or user solicitation is discourteous to the Wacktrap community, ruins the fun and integrity of the site and directly violates our Terms. Contacting users via the Wacktrap Messaging system constitutes dissemination of spam, whether that solicitation involves one email or 1000. Participation in dissemination of spam means your Wacktrap account is goin' to be disabled or removed without any prior notice to you.

So buy a business list, attend that next networking meeting, or set up an ebay account: whatever you choose, keep Wacktrap a spam-free zone.
If you’re absolutely sure of that business opportunity, contact Wacktrap Advertising Opportunities to put your stuff in the right place.

Received a solicitation? At Wacktrap, it’s no joke. We take abuse of our messaging system seriously. Report Messaging Abuse to Wacktrap now.

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