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How does Wacktrap react to spam or user solicitation?

Wacktrap serves its community, its members and the voice they share. Dissemination of spam is rude and discourteous to our community, and in violation of Wacktrap Terms. We do not tolerate User violation of the Wacktrap Messaging system by contacting other Users in efforts to solicit services or goods. Any such involvement by a User will result in account disablement or permanent account removal at sole discretion of Wacktrap.

It violates Wacktrap Terms and integrity of the Wacktrap site to self-promote any business or service through the posting, Rating, or Commenting of wacks. Any account(s) found to be involved in this type of activity will be disabled or permanently removed.

Wacktrap has no tolerance for any User whom threatens, or potentially threatens, the safety and operation of the Wacktrap website or its Users. For any spam-related activity, Wacktrap policy allows for disablement or permanent removal of your Wacktrap account, without any notice to you.

If you’ve seen or received any solicitation or spam message via email or the Wacktrap site, contact us immediately and Report Abuse to Wacktrap now.

Wacktrap will additionally legally pursue any individual or company involved in attempt or action, as it relates to information collection or dissemination at the Wacktrap website. This includes but is not limited to any attempted scrape, hack, harvest, phish, or distribution of spoof or spam emails.
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