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How do I share my wack on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Digg or other favs?

Update your wacks to friends and family, in a blink. It's easy to add and share all your wacks to your Facebook profile, Twitter or Myspace page instantly. Need to let the whole world know about that wack you just added? Maybe you want to share it on Digg instead. It's up to you. There's lot of choices-and we've put 'em at your fingertips. It's important to have options, so we're givin' you over 150 right off the bat. Because sometimes you gotta tell someone. Sometimes you gotta tell a lot of people. And sometimes it's so wack, you gotta tell everyone you know.
Share that wack with your favorite website, or 150 of 'em:
At Wacktrap, we've made it easy to share. And share fast. We know your time is important-so we don't mess around. The Wacktrap 'Share' feature lets you instantly send your fav wacks-quickly. You can add that wack to Facebook, add that wack to Twitter, MySpace, Digg or Technorati. We're literally playin' favorites here: and we know there's lots of 'em. We've created a menu of more than 150 to get you started. Or you can add your own. All in one spot. And fast. Here's how to share your fav wacks with your fav sites:
You'll find the 'Share' feature at the base of every wack. Even your own. So you're not wastin' time searchin' around. We think you'll find our 'Share' feature one of the handiest tools yet. Once you've found that wack you're itchin' to send, make sure it's expanded first. If you're seeing the ‘Read More’ link, click it to open the wack fully, where you'll find the 'Share' feature at the base. Mouse over 'Share' and click 'More' for a full list of top sites.
Share that wack with your favorite friends, or 150 of 'em:
Use 'Share' to send those wacks to friends via our super-fast wack mail feature. Send it to one, or all of 'em, in an instant. They'll have it quicker than you can text. Plus it's a whole lot easier on the thumbs.
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