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Why in the world would you possibly delete my Wacktrap account?

Let’s be honest here: if we’re ticked off to the point where your Wacktrap account has been removed, you most likely know the reason. Remember the Terms you’ve read and agreed to when registering at Wacktrap? If you’ve forgotten, please revisit the three parts of Wacktrap Terms now: TOU, Copyright and Privacy Policy.
We don’t have a ton of rules at Wacktrap, and they're not complicated. Please simply follow them. We enjoy our users-we don't want any of you to go. We are adamant about the few basic rules instituted. Among the quickest ways to be removed from the Wacktrap site:
Don’t give us reason any to believe you’re involved in spamming or spam dissemination of any type. This includes attempts or acts of advertising or self-promotion. If you participate in any action or scheme related to phishing or spoofs, hacking, harvesting of information, or any other illegal activity pertaining to the Wacktrap site, it's going to be serious. Not just kicked off, because we're ticked off, but serious as in criminal activity serious. Never threaten the safety of a Wacktrap member, or send harassing communication to a member via Wacktrap Messaging or through this site.
Stay far away from any activity or instance involving violation of intellectual property rights or copyright infringement: if you attempt to steal from us or anyone else, it will create a problem. Infringement not only violates the owner’s creativity, energy, time, sweat and tears, but we don’t tolerate it-and neither does the law.
As you’ve probably noticed, we’re big proponents of free speech. Hate speech is not free speech: we will never tolerate any form of hate speech of any type, nor its attempted dissemination on our site. And while we respect and appreciate individual preferences and choices: if you appreciate porn, make sure your appreciation does not spread to the Wacktrap site.
One of the biggest ways to tick us off: do not even think of promoting any type of abuse on the Wacktrap site pertaining to any living being, human or animal. 
Now, if you honestly believe none of the above applies to you, that you haven't violated Wacktrap Terms, please Contact Wacktrap and select 'Accounts' from the dropdown menu. We'll answer questions pertaining to your current or former Wacktrap Account.
Disabled Accounts: If your account has been temporarily disabled and you'd like to to discuss what's occurring, please Contact Wacktrap and select 'Accounts' from the dropdown menu.
Removed Accounts: If your account has been removed without notice in accordance with our Terms, there's usually no error, and typically means it's pretty darned serious. If you do need to reach us Contact Wacktrap and select 'Accounts' from the dropdown menu.
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