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I saw another user’s wack and just have to share it with friends! What do I do?

Only clicks away, you can instantly share the wacks you see with friends, family, coworkers, or anyone you'd like! Wacktrap helps you share those wacks fast, even if they're not your own but happen to tickle your funny bone. See something you can’t believe-and just gotta tell someone? We've made it easy.
First, locate that wack you want to send and make sure it's open and fully expanded to reveal the 'Share' feature. If you're seein' a ‘Read More’ link, click that first to open the wack, then scroll to the bottom of that wack. Mouse over (don't click) the ‘Share’ feature marked by an orange and white cross, where you'll find a 'More' option. Click on that 'More' option to add that wack instantly to top websites. Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Digg, Technorati or more than 150 more of the nation's top sites, you can add that wack in a flash. Not seein' your favorite site on our list? Contact Wacktrap Feedback now.
Maximize our 'Share' feature by usin' Wacktrap's super-fast wack mail: mouse over 'Share,' found at the base of any expanded wack, to reveal a small envelope icon. You'll be sharin' that wack, with anyone or everyone, by pluggin' in email addresses in just one spot. Fast as lightnin'. Even faster than all those texts. And easier on the thumbs.
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