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About wacktrap

A wack ranges from the lame to the outrageous, or simply the absurd. And Wacktrap takes all of those outrageous and crazy, wack things in life to snare ‘em all in one spot.
Wacks happen every day, in business and life. Your wack experience may be related to a company including retail stores, credit cards, banks, homeowners associations, contractors, attorneys, even your doctor. But that wack might just as easily be related to a relationship, dating, family or anything outrageous you find in life.
Sometimes wacks are just plain outrageous, obscure, or even fun. Wacks may be related to a business or, just as often, have nothing to do with business at all. You’ll find just as many wacks related to daily life and the personal stuff: experiences with family, friends, lovers, neighbors, co-workers and employers, parents, kids, or even another driver on the road. Wacktrap holds a place for ‘em all, and it’s a whole lot cheaper than a therapist.
You'll be adding a wack, commentin' on those wacks you're seein', and rating those wacks: we'll explain the difference between a wack, Comment and Rating. We'll help you create a wack for the first time, and a make a great wack Title so that your wack will be seen. If you can't find a Category that seems just right, we're takin' suggestions. For every wack you add, you'll wanna consider that incredible pic or YouTube video. When you're ratin' those wacks, you determine just which wacks are destined for front page glory, and you'll be rackin' up those vitall Wack Stats all the while.
Your Wacktrap vitals are always in My Account. This is where you'll be keepin' those Connections you're makin', sendin' those private messages, usin' wack Bookmarks to keep track of those favs and sending friends private invites. Wacktrap also comes equipped with Fancy Features, fully loaded. You don't wanna miss learning about Scratchpads, adding those crucial wacks to RSS Feeds and seein' those threads you'll only find in Wacktrap Forums
You're gonna be sharin' those wacks you've created instantly, and in just clicks. Get word of that wack out the second you hit 'submit. We'll help ya share your new wack with one, or every one of your friends-all from the same form, and all without ever havin' to leave this site. Wacktrap makes it easy to send those wacks via Twitter or post 'em on Facebook in just clicks. It's easy to follow Wacktrap on Twitter but we'll help you tweet any wack via Twitter, and share that wack with your Facebook profile in seconds. As simple as postin' your regular Facebook posts. Is your fav another site altogether? Choose from more than 150 of the nation's favorites like Digg, Technorati or MySpace.
The odds are slim, but what if you don't have a wack to post yet? It's gonna be fun. Peruse Wacktrap by Category to find wacks that pique your interest, or search by keyword to find every wack related to a topic or business name and location. Wanna see just where those wacks are comin' from? Find out where members like you are located, and just what cities are hoppin' with wack hot spots!
When you wanna spread your love in the physical world, we've got hush-hush gear right here. Only available on the Wacktrap website. That's right, the stuff you never knew you couldn't live without.
Wacktrap rules are few: you do need to be at least 14 years of age to enjoy this website, and our other Terms are pretty darned straightforward. For a peek at what you'll be checkin' off upon registration, dive into Wacktrap Terms here. Wacktrap values your privacy and we're not delvin' too deep with the info we request. Just the basics. You'll be choosing your Wacktrap username and need a valid email address. Then just follow our lead to become a Wacktrap member now. It's free and, we promise, isn't a trial membership.
If something's not up to snuff, our team will do its best to fix it fast, just let us know. We'd like to hear from you if you've got feedback, need to reach us, or want to Suggest a Wacktrap Category.
Learn about Wacktrap at Wacktrap FAQs: the frequent stuff.