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Why would I want to Message another Wacktrap member?

Messaging is bound to become your best friend. And it's gonna make you new ones. We can't give you your money back since we don't charge for it. So you're just going to have to take our word for it. And try it out for yourself.
Just find a wack you've gotta know more about. Maybe you want to know more of the juicy details. Or want to get the most current situation. Like the movie with the ending that leaves you hangin'. You've got questions-and you need answers. Or maybe you've got a similar wack. You've been down that road before and you've got some vital info. In any case, you need to be in contact with 'em fast. Talk to 'em personally. There's some things that just can't be discussed via Comments alone.
You'll find reasons all your own. Whatever they are, Wacktrap Messaging is making it happen. You'll find members who'll become part of your inner circle. And when you meet those those favs, you'll want to make 'em a Connection. No need to check regular mail, flippin' back and forth or transferring between sites. We're keepin' it all right here, to cut lag time or slowdowns. You'll come to depend on Messaging. Fast and easy. And totally private. So message away-time’s a wastin’.

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