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How do I make my Wacktrap password most secure?

Tips to make your Wacktrap password even more secure:
Use More Characters: Your Wacktrap Password must be at least six characters long. But you can make it longer if you'd like. Even one or two extra characters helps maximize security.
Use Letters and Numbers: We don't require it but using a combo of letters and numbers is always more secure than using only letters. It's harder for someone with not-so-great intent to have a crack at.
Use Symbols: Symbols, such as an asterisk (*), period (.), pound sign (#), exclamation point (!), ‘at’ symbol (@) or use of any other symbol helps keep things super-secure. They're virtually impossible to guess and one of the top contenders for even the best hacking software.
Use Capitals: You can choose to use one or more caps in your password. Using a cap or two mixed throughout makes things more secure. Just remember where you put 'em, because your password is case-sensitive when you log in.
Never, Ever: Never use your first or last name, family member or spouse's name, pet’s name, street name, birthday, etc. You get the gist-anything that personally identifies you just shouldn't be used. You don't want anyone guessing your password simply by knowing common things about you, like a pet's name.
Avoid: Simple common words of the English language (i.e. ‘cracker’) or doubled common terms (i.e. ‘crackercracker’) can be easier for software to hack.
And: Don't use the same password for all your online accounts. If someone hacks into one of your other accounts and gets your personal info, they may try to use that info to log into your other online accounts.
Forget your Wacktrap password? We know it happens-especially when you're trying to be secure. We'll get it to you in a jiffy, so you'll be back up and wacking in no time. Get Your New Wacktrap Password Now!
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