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Will Wacktrap remove a wack?

We never remove a wack unless it violates our Terms, or you do. If that occurs, your wack may be leavin’. And if it’s serious enough, your account may be too.
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Can a business set up a Wacktrap account?

Wacktrap accounts are limited to individuals as members only, currently barring any account related to business or other entity. Our Team is diligently working to determine possibility of placement, fit, or incorporation pertaining to the Wacktrap community. Wacktrap may be contacted regarding Feedback here.
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What kind of stuff can I access and do in My Account?

‘My Account’ is your pit stop between wacks, for all that fun stuff. We'll get you connected, keep you connected, and give you lots of ways to share those wacks and add 'em where you want. Read more

Can I use Wacktrap Messaging to advertise my company?

Let’s be clear on this: Absolutely not. Never. Don’t do it. Wacktrap Messaging is not designed for advertising.
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I cannot log into my Wacktrap account. What do I do?

We trust you’re not hacking into an account that’s not yours, so the issue's probably related to a forgotten password or username. If that’s the case we'll get you back up and wacking in no time. Quick and easy.
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My email address changed. How can I update it?

It happens: sometimes you move, sometimes just your email address does. Just make sure you're logged in, then visit 'My Account' where you'll be able to update your email address preferences-in a snap.
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I’m really irritated by what a Wacktrap user said. What can you do?

The experiences, views and comments of Wacktrap users will not always match your own. They may not match ours. Fact is, there may be things on this site that you find outrageous. Some you may even find unacceptable to you. And there may be things we don't particularly like. But unless that 'something' violates our Wacktrap Terms, we're not removin' it.
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I want to close my Wacktrap account. What do I do?

Do you really want to leave us? Breakups are hard, so please think it over.
If you’ve made up your mind and have to go, we’ll miss you. Simply Contact Wacktrap now via our webform and select ‘Closure Request’ from the dropdown menu.
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My Wacktrap account has been temporarily disabled. What happened?

If your Wacktrap account has been temporarily disabled, it's most commonly related to issues of Copyright or Intellectual Property Rights Infringement. In short, this means someone has legally notified us of a claim that their copyright or intellectual property rights (i.e., photos, writing, or other creative work) are actively being violated.
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Why in the world would you possibly delete my Wacktrap account?

Let’s be honest here: if we’re ticked off to the point where your Wacktrap account has been removed, you most likely know the reason. Remember the Terms you’ve read and agreed to when registering at Wacktrap? If you’ve forgotten, please revisit the three parts of Wacktrap Terms now: TOU, Copyright and Privacy Policy.
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