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Wacktrap FAQs - How to Wack: Getting Acquainted

Absolutely! You'll want to add a photo, video, url web address, or doc to your wack experience whenever you can. Add one, or even all four types of attachments: when users Rate your wack, or Comment on it, they’ll be considering that incredible shot, clip or fancy pdf you've been so diligent in attaching. Include one or more, to boost your odds of reaching Wacktrap front page glory!
Make your best wacks even better: add that exclusive shot or clip that simply has to be seen to be believed. Don’t miss your chance to snap that shot and upload it fast: whether it’s on your mobile phone, camera, camcorder, you can attach it to your wack in an instant. To make it easy, we’ll give you just the right spot to plug in that pic or video-right when you’re creating your wack.
You’ll also earn extra Wack Stats for every pic, video, url or pdf you add to your wack-add one, or all four, and you’ll be rackin’ up Points fast!
Questions about uploading images or video, or have a different question? Contact the Wacktrap Team now.
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Quite simply, a wack is your experience. Your wacks–and the wacks of all our users-are the core of the Wacktrap site. Your wack can be as brief or as detailed as you want to make it. Remember: the more detailed your wack is, the more keywords it'll contain, to increase your odds of being seen. Optionally include everything related to your experience, like photos, video clips, the related url web address, even pdf documents.
So if you've got 'em, flaunt 'em: attach all four types to make your wack even more seen! It’s easy to add a wack now: we'll give you a place for everything you need, including specific spots for the stuff to make your great wack even better, like that unbelievable pic or video clip.
You'll need a caption for that wack. A great Title means members will find your wack quickly and easily. It's mighty important, so we'll show you how to create a fantastic wack Title. Even add a pic, video, url address or pdf document to add some glam to your wack and increase your odds of being promoted to our homepage.
Your wack is what other users are rating-using those seemingly small mallets that actually mean big, big things. If your wack is ‘wack’ enough, and worthy of ‘5-mallet’ Ratings, it’s being actively pushed into the ultimate limelight: the Wacktrap front page-for the whole world to see.
Wacktrap users, and you, can also Comment on your wack at any time. And those Comments have got longevity-they stay with your wack for its lifetime. Permanently attached to the base of every wack, Comments always follow.
We know you want to get started. We'll show you how to add your wack now!
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A wack Rating is represented by that row of mallets you see alongside every wack experience. It’s one of the most important parts of the Wacktrap site. That Rating, simply, is how highly members view a wack. When members think a wack is great you'll know: the best wacks have a 5-mallet rating, and the best of the best make it to Wacktrap front page glory. Just as surely as you'll be wantin' to read a wack, you'll be wantin' to rate it. Because you define which wacks make it to the front page-for the world to see.
Learn about those little mallets that mean big, big things.
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A wack Comment represents how you’re feelin’, and exactly what you’re thinkin’, about a wack. Any wack. At the base of every posted wack, you’ll see a handy box. That box speaks volumes.
Think of it as your personal soapbox. The spot to speak your mind. If you’ve got something to say, this is the place to do it-plus it's a whole lot safer than shouting from rooftops.
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Now that you’ve posted your wack, you're gonna want to share it with friends, family, even co-workers. So we've made it a snap to get it to 'em fast. And you've got options: send it by wack mail, or send it directly to your account with Facebook or Twitter. With a click of our ‘Share’ Button, you'll be sendin' that wack instantly. Keep 'em up to date: from just one spot your friends can read your wack, Rate your wack, even Comment on your wack.
Wacktrap keeps an organized list of all your posts and wacks in 'My Account.' Just log in to scan a quick list of your recent wacks, or even all of 'em. Choose the wack you want and click on its Title. Utilize that ‘Read More’ link to expand that wack and you’ll find ‘Share' with two options:
Mail that wack fast via wack mail: Drop in your friend’s address, yours and a quick note. We’ll take it from there, sendin'your wack 'round the globe, to your neighbor, even that co-worker to your left
Add that wack instantly to your personal Facebook,Twitter or MySpace profile or page so your friends are gettin' the latest. Need to add that wack to Digg, Friend Feed, Technorati or your fav social bookmarking site instead? Just choose ‘More’ from that ‘Share’ option to choose from over 50 top sites.
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Reality TV or tabloids got you believin you’ve heard it all? Wacktrap Forums may just take it up a notch. Stuff you were looking for. Stuff you didn’t expect. And stuff you thought you’d never find. One hot spot: you won’t be forgettin’ your visit here anytime soon. Get into these Forums and you’ll find our members have a thing, or ten, to say. And regardless of whether you agree with what you're hearin', there's one point of convergence: this experience is never boring. So better revisit tonight’s plans-you’ll be needin’ some time to chat awhile.
When there’s big things happenin’ Wacktrap Forums is the place to meet. Whether it’s something that’s shakin’ the whole industry, your world-or rattlin’ or your neck of the woods-this is the one place you’ll want to be when things are hoppin'. And what if you’ve got nothing specific in mind? Just take a dip into any one of these rooms-you’ll find you won’t be leavin’ anytime soon.
Wacktrap Forums is home. Its main rooms: forum categories. And that intimate fireside, where all the best chats happen: topics you won’t, or can’t, forget. You’ll meet a lot of new people here-and they’ve got some very interesting things to say. Yes, you’ll be finding some definite ear-openers here. You won’t always agree. But we will guarantee: it’ll keep those wheels turnin’.
Lookin’ to bend someone’s ear? Visit Wacktrap Forums now to drop in on a conversation or start a new one.
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If you've landed on our site, you’ll be able to read wacks and the good stuff that accompanies those wacks you’re viewin'. Like their wack Ratings and wack Comments. But you won’t be able to do all the other good stuff, or participate on the Wacktrap site, before becoming a registered Member. We don’t ask for a lot. Wacktrap makes registration easy, it's free, and we won’t bog you down with information requests. You can read more in our Terms of Use and its connected Privacy Policy. We keep those pretty simple too.
Once you register at Wacktrap, there’s all kinds of stuff to do and participate in: write your own wack to share with the world. Even add that incredible pic or video clip, to shoot that wack to front page glory. You’ll Rate wacks, Comment on wacks, and participate in Wacktrap Forums. Use Wacktrap Search for the results you’re lookin’ for but have never experienced. And you’ll be able to view member Profiles, message Wacktrap members, leave ‘em notes on their Scratchpads, and even add ‘em as Connections.
We’ve put all the critical stuff in one spot: your Wacktrap 'My Account' lets you track your wacks, share your wacks, stack up Wacktrap Points, check your Feeds, scope out and write on your Scratchpad, increase your Connections, instantly add Bookmarks, and communicate in an instant. And, yes, your Wacktrap account is free.
Join Wacktrap now!
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When you’re the ‘go to’ for advice, the latest, and greatest, do you really want to be the one leavin' your friends in the dark? Spread the wealth, share the knowledge.
Give friends and family a heads-up with Wacktrap Invitations so they can enjoy the Wacktrap community as much as you. Wacktrap makes it easy: simply access 'My Account' and click on the 'Invitations' tab, to send an invite to those nearest and dearest. After all, who doesn't deserve a few good wacks
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That handy Search bar, found at the top right corner of every Wacktrap site page, will help you quickly locate user wacks, wack Comments and wack Ratings related to keywords for any topic and/or business or company name.
For instance, your search can be general such as the single term ‘Airlines’. Your search results can also be more detailed, such as searching for all returns related to a specific airline company name. For the most specific and narrowed search results: include the specific company name and any additional descriptive term(s), i.e. Baggage or Delayed Flights.
Not getting the Search results you need? Contact Wacktrap now
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Wacktrap Maps put things in perspective. You'll be selecting from two map types, from the top navigation bar. The default Wack Maps displays location of wacks, while Member Wacks tells you where Wacktrap members are located throughout the world.
They may sound similar, but these two maps display very different stuff. Each is constantly updated so you're gettin' the most current stats. When creating a wack, members have the option to physical location, or address, for any wack. As those addresses are entered, that info is plugged into Wack Maps.
A member may be located in one spot, but that wack may occur across the nation-or even across the globe. Member Wacks shows where Wacktrap members are located. It provides a lay of the land, showin' where members like you are clustered.
Wack Maps shows you where wacks are happenin'. When you wanna get specific, Wack Maps will take you to those hot spots. Check out Wack Maps now, to find out where those wacks are hoppin'.
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