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How do I tell friends about my wack immediately?

Now that you’ve posted your wack, you're gonna want to share it with friends, family, even co-workers. So we've made it a snap to get it to 'em fast. And you've got options: send it by wack mail, or send it directly to your account with Facebook or Twitter. With a click of our ‘Share’ Button, you'll be sendin' that wack instantly. Keep 'em up to date: from just one spot your friends can read your wack, Rate your wack, even Comment on your wack.
Wacktrap keeps an organized list of all your posts and wacks in 'My Account.' Just log in to scan a quick list of your recent wacks, or even all of 'em. Choose the wack you want and click on its Title. Utilize that ‘Read More’ link to expand that wack and you’ll find ‘Share' with two options:
Mail that wack fast via wack mail: Drop in your friend’s address, yours and a quick note. We’ll take it from there, sendin'your wack 'round the globe, to your neighbor, even that co-worker to your left
Add that wack instantly to your personal Facebook,Twitter or MySpace profile or page so your friends are gettin' the latest. Need to add that wack to Digg, Friend Feed, Technorati or your fav social bookmarking site instead? Just choose ‘More’ from that ‘Share’ option to choose from over 50 top sites.
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