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Can I add or attach a pic, video, url or pdf doc to my wack?

Absolutely! You'll want to add a photo, video, url web address, or doc to your wack experience whenever you can. Add one, or even all four types of attachments: when users Rate your wack, or Comment on it, they’ll be considering that incredible shot, clip or fancy pdf you've been so diligent in attaching. Include one or more, to boost your odds of reaching Wacktrap front page glory!
Make your best wacks even better: add that exclusive shot or clip that simply has to be seen to be believed. Don’t miss your chance to snap that shot and upload it fast: whether it’s on your mobile phone, camera, camcorder, you can attach it to your wack in an instant. To make it easy, we’ll give you just the right spot to plug in that pic or video-right when you’re creating your wack.
You’ll also earn extra Wack Stats for every pic, video, url or pdf you add to your wack-add one, or all four, and you’ll be rackin’ up Points fast!
Questions about uploading images or video, or have a different question? Contact the Wacktrap Team now.
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