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Why can I read a wack but not Rate or Comment?

If you've landed on our site, you’ll be able to read wacks and the good stuff that accompanies those wacks you’re viewin'. Like their wack Ratings and wack Comments. But you won’t be able to do all the other good stuff, or participate on the Wacktrap site, before becoming a registered Member. We don’t ask for a lot. Wacktrap makes registration easy, it's free, and we won’t bog you down with information requests. You can read more in our Terms of Use and its connected Privacy Policy. We keep those pretty simple too.
Once you register at Wacktrap, there’s all kinds of stuff to do and participate in: write your own wack to share with the world. Even add that incredible pic or video clip, to shoot that wack to front page glory. You’ll Rate wacks, Comment on wacks, and participate in Wacktrap Forums. Use Wacktrap Search for the results you’re lookin’ for but have never experienced. And you’ll be able to view member Profiles, message Wacktrap members, leave ‘em notes on their Scratchpads, and even add ‘em as Connections.
We’ve put all the critical stuff in one spot: your Wacktrap 'My Account' lets you track your wacks, share your wacks, stack up Wacktrap Points, check your Feeds, scope out and write on your Scratchpad, increase your Connections, instantly add Bookmarks, and communicate in an instant. And, yes, your Wacktrap account is free.
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