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I want the best wack Title so users can find it easily. What do I do?

We'll help you create great wack Titles in a snap. There's one purpose of wack Titles and that's to help members find your wack. If they can't find it, they can't read it. And if they can't read it, they can't Rate it. Or Comment on it. You get the point. Users have to get to your wack, and you want 'em to get there. So we're gonna show you how:
First, keep in mind: Keywords are important. They're the basis of Search, so get familiar with 'em. We're including a quick tutorial here to lead you. It may look lengthy but it's quick, we promise. We're creating a wack and we've gotta come up with a good Title so that people find it. In this instance, we've got a laptop that's crashing. And it's defective. Our goal is for as many members as possible to find our wack, and find it easily. If we do it right and create a great wack Title, it'll naturally come to the top of Search results users are gettin'. When your wack's at the top of results, members Rate your wack and even get that wack promoted for feature on the Wacktrap homepage.
We're using a product for this example, since products require the most info or Keywords you'll ever need to enter. Slim it down, to apply this to any company, service, industry, company, issue, or topic, to use for any wack you add.
But first the fast-break: visit 4 Commandments for every wack Title now. You'll be back in a flash, and we'll be sure to hold this page for you. Learn how to create a great wack Title now:

1) First, who made it or what company is it? The manufacturer name and any aka is vital. In this case the manufacturer is ‘XYZ’. Our wack Title currently reads:
2) There's an additional name the company goes by-for instance a parent company. In this case, ‘ABC.' Two names-so we need to include ‘em both. Just in case someone searches for ABC instead of XYZ:
3) Next, what's the type of product or service?  in this case, it’s a product-a computer. So we've got:
XYZ ABC Computer
4) But we need to make sure to be specific about type. There's different types of computers-we want people to be able to find our wack. This is a laptop, not desktop or tower. So let’s plug it in:
XYZ ABC Laptop Computer


5) Are there similar or additional terms? What do other people call it. In this case, it's also frequently known as a ‘Notebook' also We want people to find our wack easily. So we're gonna add it:
XYZ ABC Laptop Notebook Computer


6) Is there a model name that applies? Yes: we'll make it ‘ZIR.' Model names are important: people search by 'em, even forgetting to plug in the manufacturer. So here we go:
XYZ ABC Laptop Notebook Computer ZIR


7) Is there a model number that applies? Yes: we'll make it the MR-300. If you're a manufacturer and this happens to be your model number, it's purely coincidence-so forgive us. Now our Title reads:
XYZ ABC Laptop Notebook Computer ZIR MR-300


8) Is there an alternate way people search? Most model numbers have a dash. But people often forget about 'em when Searching. They can make a big difference in results-so we're adding it without the dash also: MR300. Now a lot of people will find our wack that wouldn't have otherwise:
XYZ ABC Laptop Notebook Computer ZIR MR-300 MR300


9) What industry does this product belong to? A computer: Electronics of course. Adding the keyword Electronics will people to find your wack that wouldn't have otherwise. Now we have:
XYZ ABC Laptop Notebook Computer ZIR MR-300 MR300 Electronics


10) We’re almost done-we promise. What’s occurring? In this case, the laptop's crashing-constantly. So we need to describe what it’s doing-and describe it in active form: it's ‘crash-ing’, and that ‘ing’ is important.
XYZ ABC Laptop Notebook Computer ZIR MR-300 MR300 Electronics Crashing


11) And the finale: is there anything additional or other terms that describing what's happening? In this case, the manufacturer’s now stating it's defective. That’s crucial-so we need to get it in there:
XYZ ABC Laptop Notebook Computer ZIR MR-300 MR300 Electronics Crashing Defective
Ta-da! Our final wack Title in all it's glory:
XYZ ABC Laptop Notebook Computer ZIR MR-300 MR300 Electronics Crashing Defective

and famous number:
12) Location Name. Any time you add a wack, Wacktrap's givin' you a special spot to specifically list Location name and physical address info of a related company or business. Including this info allows people to find wacks related to that same company, or even wacks related to the exact physical address location. If your wack involves store location, a chain or franchise in any industry, including an airline and airport, you're also gonna want to plug that info into your wack Title as city and state. Just leave the commas aside: i.e., New York NY.

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