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What can I add or attach to my wack?

There’s just three main parts to any wack: the Category you select, its Title, and the body text of the wack itself. You're not going to be messin' with the Category, just selecting. If you can't find the Category that fits your wack, you've gotta let us know so we can fix it.
You'll be creating the Title and body of the wack itself. Your wack Title is important, so we've included tips on how to create the best wack Title with the most important stuff, keywords.
The text of your wack is vital stuff too: learn what to include in the main body text of your wack. You can make your wack as detailed or as brief as you’d like. Remember, the more detailed or specific your wack is, the easier for users to find it, Rate your wack and Comment on it.
We're providing some handy options you can attach to your wack, to make it even better. While you're creating your wack you can choose to attach any or even all of the following. You don't have to add visuals to your wack. But when you do, you'll be boosting its 'must-see' factor, and help get your wack promoted to front page fame:
•    An image taken on your camera or cell phone
•    a video (i.e., your YouTube video)
•    a url web address
•    a document (i.e., pdf doc or other format)
If your wack's about a business or organization, you'll have an extra option when creating that wack. You'll see a spot called 'Location Name' and this is where you'll be pluggin' in that. business name, followed by its physical address if you've got it.
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