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What are the differences between a wack, Rating and Comment?

A wack, a Rating and a Comment are different from one another but they've got an awfully tight relationship. If you’re just startin’ out, the following will help you get acquainted-fast-with how they also relate to each other.
Quite simply, a wack is your experience-the one you’re postin’ on the Wacktrap site. That experience, or the experience of any other member, is known simply as a ‘wack.' You’ll first choose the most appropriate Category where your wack fits-then tell us how it occurred. Basically your wack is givin’ the world the lowdown on what happened, along with all the details. Your wack–and the wacks of all our members-are the core of the Wacktrap site.
Members give your wack a Wack Rating on a ‘1-mallet’ to ‘5-mallet’ scale of greatness. Top wacks are destined for the limelight of the Wacktrap front page-for the whole world to see. We don’t choose ‘em, you do. Wacktrap members determine which wacks are the best of the best. That’s what those little mallets you'll see, found at the base of every wack, are all about. Those mallets may seem small. But they actually mean big, big things. They're markin' the destiny of how many millions view your wack if it gets promoted to our front page. We're keepin' it honest here, so only other Wacktrap members are able to rate your wack. You won't be able to rate your own. If enough Wacktrap users deem your wack worthy of ‘5-gavel’ ratings, you’re headed for the ultimate limelight: the Wacktrap front page.
Wack Comments are what members are thinkin’ about your wack. It's what they've got to say. You’ll be accruin’ lots of wack Comments, and quickly. Especially when our members think your wack’s good, great or just plain controversial. You can't rate your own wack but you can Comment on it: Comments is the spot to be if you’ve left out some details, need to add info or update your wack. Any Wacktrap member can post a Comment at any time, just by scrolling to the base of any wack. Comments attached to the base remain viewable, so they'll always be in context.
Your wack is permanent. Wack Ratings and Comments have also got some serious longevity: once Ratings or Comments occur, they're attached to your wack for its lifetime.
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