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How long will it take Wacktrap to answer my question?

Our Wacktrap Team is dedicated to answering questions and concerns concisely, precisely, and as fast as possible. We know, ‘soon’ never feels soon enough when you’re excited to get goin’. We understand. But we promise, we’re workin’ on it.
Response time varies according to inquiry. Some stuff is super-quick, a few things can take just a bit longer. You’ll receive a confirmation email as soon as you submit via our Contact webform. We’ll be honest: we’re growin’. And the faster we’re growin,’ the greater the odds you’re experiencing a growing pain or two with us.
The Wacktrap Team is a dedicated bunch. And selective. Our Team members are dedicated to doing things right-not just getting’ ‘em done. Ever submitted three emails to a major site, and received three responses-none of which answers your question? We know you understand. Our Team is dedicated to getting’ it right the first time.
Want to avoid increased wait times? Please, don't submit duplicate questions or concerns. Duplicates can double the queue. If you’ve received a confirmation, we promise we’ve gotten it the first time.
Never received a confirmation email? Apparently your Wacktrap registered email address isn’t matchin' up. Login to your Wacktrap Account now and update email preferences in 'My Account.'
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