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Who can post on Wacktrap?

We invite you to post on Wacktrap and enjoy all the features of this site. To add a wack or post, you’ve gotta meet just two requirements: register for a Wacktrap account and be at least 14 years old. Visit our Wacktrap Terms to learn more.
Enjoy use of the Wacktrap website to read anything you’d like, but you’ve gotta be registered to add a wack, Rate a wack or Comment on a wack. We value your privacy and Wacktrap membership is free.
Once registered, you become a Wacktrap Member. And we’ve got all kinds of features you’ll enjoy and find easily in My Account. Access your account to use wack mail, Wacktrap Messaging to make and add Connections, send an invite and manage your Subscriptions for RSS Feeds. Plus you're gonna want to learn more about all our Fancy Features you'll be usin', like Forums and Wack Stats.

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