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I've got feedback. How do I contact Wacktrap?

Even as we speak, you’re determining how the Wacktrap site works, what features are offered, and what needs to be changed. Wacktrap categories? They’re based, and change, according to you.
So what if you’ve got something to tell us? Like what you think. Or what we can improve. Or the category you’re sure we need most. To make your experience better, better, and best, we need to hear from you.
Prefer to contact Wacktrap by mail, in writing? Feel free to contact us at:
The Wacktrap Team
PO Box 491220
Los Angeles, CA 90049

Don’t be shy. Send Us your feedback, your suggestions, your categories, to help make Wacktrap even better. We know we’re not perfect-so we need you to tell us how.

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Tell us what needs to change, tell us what you can't live without, what category you need, or what you simply love-and think we could do even better. Whatever you think of...we're listenening. Contact Wacktrap now

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