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Wacktrap FAQs - Step 1: Adding your wacks

It’s your life, your experiences. So your wack will be as detailed as you deem worthy. As long or short as you like. Some days you may feel like writing a novel. Others, a novella. When it's more of a paragraph kinda day, just be sure to give us at least 10 words. The details are up to you.
We’ll share a couple of quick secrets, to get that wack of yours visible: seen. First, use keywords and avoid abbreviations in your title or body text. Keywords might sound scary, but they're simply those most important words you’re using every day. Make sure to use complete words, not the cut version. While texting shorthand is great for sendin' quick messages via mobile, keep in mind that our Search function doesn’t speak ‘texting.’ While you might be LMAO over what your friend is sending you, submit that in your wack text and you'll be making our Search function cry.
If you’re not familiar with Keywords, you’ll want to get intimate quickly. They’ll make your wack and wack Title great, and findable. Use ‘em right, and use ‘em consistently, and we know you’ll be rackin’ up those wacktastic ‘5-mallet’ratings in a flash. Spill those details. Tell all.
You'll wanna add a pic, video, url web address or document whenever possible. Sometimes nothing says OMG like an indescribable image: yes, you do want that visual. Remember, any attachment increases curb appeal and your Wack Stats.
Timing is everything, especially with wacks. Submit that wack as soon as possible while those details are fresh in mind. Remember, your wack’s being Rated by members who are itchin' to send it to the Wacktrap home page wall-o’-fame.

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A Category is that 'just-right' spot where your wack's hanging out, ready to be accessed quickly and easily. Categories function like bookstore sections, organized by topic. Wacks of similar topics are grouped together, waiting to be 'browsed.' Getting that wack in the right Category is essential. If your wack gets miscategorized, it remains accessible by keyword Search only, not for related 'browsing.'
The Category your're choosing is where your wack’ll be highlighted-where it will be available, and seen, even without use of Keywords. Put that wack in the right place and you're doubling its visibility: on the shelf, and through member Search. And with that kind of visibility, it's  bound for front page limelight.
When you add that wack, the first thing you'll be choosing is your Category from dropdown menu at page top. Dropdown menus will continue to slide open 'til you've chosen the most descriptive, the one that fits your wack.
Make sure your wack's in the right place, the first time. Once submitted, Category remains fixed and location can't be changed. If we haven’t created a Category that fits your wack just right, we’ll make it right: Contact Wacktrap now to get the wack Category you need.

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You can add a wack from any page on the Wacktrap website. If you're ever feeling lost, remember: we always keep that Add Wack link at the ready. You'll find it in the top, main navigation menu, and it's not movin'. Adding a wack is easy stuff. We provide lots of options, but only three simple things are required: Category, Title, and your wack itself.
First, select your Category from the dropdown menu. If you can't find the Category that fits your wack please contact us. If the perfect spot for your wack doesn't yet exist, we'll make it happen.
You'll be needin' a great wack Title. Remember, the sole purpose is to help members find-and see-your wack. We'll show you how to how to create great wack Titles for the most findable wacks. You'll want to cap the first letter only in every word of your Title, not every letter. Stay away from those short and irrelevant words that only block users from locating your wack. And remember that Keywords are crucial, both in your Title and your wack. So don't be cheap with use. Use keywords in your Title and text, and use 'em consistently. After all, you want to make it as easy as possible, for members ot find that wack so they can promote it to the Wacktrap home page.
You'll be pluggin' all the details into the body. The text area is expandable, so you'll have all the room you need to create your wack. The body or text of your wack can be any length. Make it as detailed as you like, just be sure to provide us at least 10 words or more.
Wacktrap provides specialized fields, for you to add any of the following types of optional attachments, or even all four: add a photo, video clip, url or document to your wack to boost it's 'must-see' factor. You'll also rack up Wack Stats fast, but most importantly, members want to see those incredible pics or video clips that make the best wacks even better.
We've added one extra option for wacks related to businesses: plug in the Location Name and, if you've got it, the physical address for wacks related to a company or business. Don't forget to fill out these optional fields, whenever you've got the info. It'll make your wack more findable, especially for members who share wacks in the same Category or with the same company. You might even make a great Connection or two, simply by filling in these few lines.
Questions about adding that wack? Contact Wacktrap now
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There’s just three main parts to any wack: the Category you select, its Title, and the body text of the wack itself. You're not going to be messin' with the Category, just selecting. If you can't find the Category that fits your wack, you've gotta let us know so we can fix it.
You'll be creating the Title and body of the wack itself. Your wack Title is important, so we've included tips on how to create the best wack Title with the most important stuff, keywords.
The text of your wack is vital stuff too: learn what to include in the main body text of your wack. You can make your wack as detailed or as brief as you’d like. Remember, the more detailed or specific your wack is, the easier for users to find it, Rate your wack and Comment on it.
We're providing some handy options you can attach to your wack, to make it even better. While you're creating your wack you can choose to attach any or even all of the following. You don't have to add visuals to your wack. But when you do, you'll be boosting its 'must-see' factor, and help get your wack promoted to front page fame:
•    An image taken on your camera or cell phone
•    a video (i.e., your YouTube video)
•    a url web address
•    a document (i.e., pdf doc or other format)
If your wack's about a business or organization, you'll have an extra option when creating that wack. You'll see a spot called 'Location Name' and this is where you'll be pluggin' in that. business name, followed by its physical address if you've got it.
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A wack, a Rating and a Comment are different from one another but they've got an awfully tight relationship. If you’re just startin’ out, the following will help you get acquainted-fast-with how they also relate to each other.
Quite simply, a wack is your experience-the one you’re postin’ on the Wacktrap site. That experience, or the experience of any other member, is known simply as a ‘wack.' You’ll first choose the most appropriate Category where your wack fits-then tell us how it occurred. Basically your wack is givin’ the world the lowdown on what happened, along with all the details. Your wack–and the wacks of all our members-are the core of the Wacktrap site.
Members give your wack a Wack Rating on a ‘1-mallet’ to ‘5-mallet’ scale of greatness. Top wacks are destined for the limelight of the Wacktrap front page-for the whole world to see. We don’t choose ‘em, you do. Wacktrap members determine which wacks are the best of the best. That’s what those little mallets you'll see, found at the base of every wack, are all about. Those mallets may seem small. But they actually mean big, big things. They're markin' the destiny of how many millions view your wack if it gets promoted to our front page. We're keepin' it honest here, so only other Wacktrap members are able to rate your wack. You won't be able to rate your own. If enough Wacktrap users deem your wack worthy of ‘5-gavel’ ratings, you’re headed for the ultimate limelight: the Wacktrap front page.
Wack Comments are what members are thinkin’ about your wack. It's what they've got to say. You’ll be accruin’ lots of wack Comments, and quickly. Especially when our members think your wack’s good, great or just plain controversial. You can't rate your own wack but you can Comment on it: Comments is the spot to be if you’ve left out some details, need to add info or update your wack. Any Wacktrap member can post a Comment at any time, just by scrolling to the base of any wack. Comments attached to the base remain viewable, so they'll always be in context.
Your wack is permanent. Wack Ratings and Comments have also got some serious longevity: once Ratings or Comments occur, they're attached to your wack for its lifetime.
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Square peg in a round hole? If it’s not fittin’, we need to know. We’re here to make that square peg round. If you want your wack to be seen and heard, it's gotta be in the right Category. Wacktrap needs your help to make sure the best fit is available.
Maybe you’re not seeing the Category you need. Or the Category just doesn’t fit you quite right. When a relationship’s not right, you know it. So, if you want your wack to remain findable, don't forece it. Contact Wacktrap now with your Category Suggestion and we'll address it as quickly as possible. Read on, to learn why having’ your wack in the right place is so important.
Categories and the Wacktrap Search function have a tight relationship. If the Wacktrap Search function feels simple, easy to use and gives the results you’re lookin’ for, we’re doing things right. All the stuff you never see, but feel, is by design. Those Search results you’re getting back are no accident, they involve intensive development of a structure that’s working hard, for you. Designed to get you the search results you’re looking for. Fast.
Wacktrap depends on its community's help in keeping those results flowing as smoothly as they are. Following the adage, ‘a place for everything, and everything in its place,' help Wacktrap maintain the order:
We know you’re anxious to post your wack. And we want to help you do it. Suggest a Category to let us know what you need, along with any company name and industry info that you believe is needed to fit your wack. If your wack’s related to a topic not involving a business, give us the pertinent info. Let our Team find out how your wack best fits into our site structure, and we’ll make it happen.

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Have something you want, or need, to add to your wack once it's already been created? Because your original wack can't be altered or edited once you hit 'Submit,' wack Comments is designed for that extra stuff you want to squeeze in, or feel like you just gotta say, after the fact.
You, or any other Wacktrap member, can add a Comment to your wack at any time following its original submission. Just open your wack and scroll to the bottom to the labeled 'Post a Comment' area.
Once you've submitted your wack Comment, your Commentn text will always appear directly below your original submitted wack. Comments remain attached to your wack, so they remain in context and viewable whenever your wack is viewed or read.
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Yes, but only in the best way. If your wack is promoted to the Wacktrap front page, your average 5-mallet ratings mean you’ve done a stellar job. You're guaranteed that Wacktrap members couldn’t agree more, since they’re the ones who put you there: front and center, on our wall o' fame. 
Revel in the fact that only the best wacks are honored with front page glory. And now that Wacktrap members, and the world alike, see your featured wacks here, they'll be able to peruse all of your literary genius in one spot. This is your time to shine.
In terms of forsaking your privacy, we wouldn't think of it. Your privacy is as valued by us as it is by you. So while you bask in the limelight, you'll be represented by the Wacktrap username you've chosen upon registration.
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