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How detailed should I make my wack?

It’s your life, your experiences. So your wack will be as detailed as you deem worthy. As long or short as you like. Some days you may feel like writing a novel. Others, a novella. When it's more of a paragraph kinda day, just be sure to give us at least 10 words. The details are up to you.
We’ll share a couple of quick secrets, to get that wack of yours visible: seen. First, use keywords and avoid abbreviations in your title or body text. Keywords might sound scary, but they're simply those most important words you’re using every day. Make sure to use complete words, not the cut version. While texting shorthand is great for sendin' quick messages via mobile, keep in mind that our Search function doesn’t speak ‘texting.’ While you might be LMAO over what your friend is sending you, submit that in your wack text and you'll be making our Search function cry.
If you’re not familiar with Keywords, you’ll want to get intimate quickly. They’ll make your wack and wack Title great, and findable. Use ‘em right, and use ‘em consistently, and we know you’ll be rackin’ up those wacktastic ‘5-mallet’ratings in a flash. Spill those details. Tell all.
You'll wanna add a pic, video, url web address or document whenever possible. Sometimes nothing says OMG like an indescribable image: yes, you do want that visual. Remember, any attachment increases curb appeal and your Wack Stats.
Timing is everything, especially with wacks. Submit that wack as soon as possible while those details are fresh in mind. Remember, your wack’s being Rated by members who are itchin' to send it to the Wacktrap home page wall-o’-fame.

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