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Why avoid short words like a, an, the, it, to in my wack Title?

Avoid words like ‘I’, ‘and,’ ‘an’, ‘a’, ‘as,’ ‘the’, ‘to’, ‘or, ‘in,’ ‘it,’ ‘if,’ ‘but,’ ‘you,’ ‘etc,’ or similar two or three-letter words when creating your wack Title. Trust us, you don’t need ‘em. And, we promise, you really don’t want ‘em. They'll only drag you and your wack Rating down.
Why's it so crucial to omit the small stuff? As important as those short words are in speech, they're equally detrimental when included in your wack Title. Two and three-letter words make it hard, or even impossible, for members to find your wack. Those little words connect thoughts when you're speaking. They make it easier to explain meaning, and keep things in context. But here's the deal: our Wacktrap Search function doesn't need those connectors, and in fact doesn't want 'em. It's lookin’ for the major keyword stuff, so it can retrieve the things that really matter. When you’re throwin’ in those itty, bitty words they're getting’ in the way. Those tiny words work to baffle same ‘brain’ that’s tryin' so hard to find the things most relevant to you.
So help keep the small stuff out. Tiny words clog the arteries of our excellent Search function, which is workin' hard to pump those important wacks to the top of the heap for you. Search is diligently checking through all those wacks, to find you the stuff you're really lookin' for. We know those few letters don't take much space: they're small-and that's the big problem. When our Search function focuses on bringing back your best matches, it’s gettin’ bogged down trying to find the small stuff too. The stuff you don’t need and don't care about. And that means you get less of the stuff you really want and need.
Always remember: your Title's simple purpose: to get users to your wack. Members must be able to find your wack in order to be able to read and rate it. Short words throw your wack to the bottom of the stack. Only use the word 'no' or the word 'of,' if it specifically appears in a company name. The rest of the time, leave 'em by the wayside.
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