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What are the 4 Commandments for every wack Title?

Keep your wack a live wire in Wacktrap Search Results! You want your wack to rise to the top, where it belongs-so users can read it, Rate your wack and Comment. Here's some tips for how to create the best wack Titles. Follow these 4 Commandments for wack Titles, below, to rise to the top:
Follow these 4 Commandments-we won't call ya a zealot:
Cap it: Always cap the first letter of every Keyword in your wack Title but never cap every letter of your words. What are keywords?
Omit it. Get rid of the small stuff. Don't use short, Search-irrelevant words like ‘I’, ‘and,’ ‘an’, ‘a’, ‘the’, 'as' ‘to’, ‘or, ‘in,’ ‘it,’ ‘if,’ ‘but,’ ‘you,’ ‘etc,’ or similar words. Find out why short words can drag your wack down.
Spell it: get 'em right the first time. Check, check and double-check. If those Title keywords aren’t spelled correctly, no one’s findin’ your wack-to read or rate it.
And by no means punctuate it: The way you speak or write doesn’t apply to creating great wack Titles. So throw those misconceptions out the window. Commas, periods, quotes, apostrophes-they've got no place here.
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