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Can I edit my wack?

Just as they occur in life, experiences are permanent, and so are those you upload to Wacktrap. Edits or alterations provide opportunity for things to go awry. Broken or dead links, cached info that's just not there, or wacks you simply can't find: you won't be happy if things aren't showin' up where they're supposed to, and we wouldn't want that happenin'.
So how do you update a wack when you've had a change? Changes happen. If there's been a major shift, good or bad, of course you're feelin' it-and need to let the world know. We won't leave you in the lurch, so here's two ways to make that fix:
You can Post a wack Comment or Post a New Wack:
Post a wack Comment:
If you've got a simple follow-up, you can post a Comment to your original wack. While you can't Rate your own wack, you can Comment on it. This is the best method for stuff that isn't major. Maybe you just want to add a bit more info, or detail you forgot. Posting a Comment is the simplest, and best, way to update smaller stuff you just plain forgot. You can add Comments quickly and easily. Just pop open that wack, making sure it's fully expanded, and you'll find a handy 'Post a Comment' area at the base. Users can't Rate your Comment, they can only Rate wacks. When something big has occurred or changed, and you're looking to also have that wack Rated, consider instead posting a new wack.
Post a New Wack:
a) When your current feelings about the company or experience reverse. For instance, negative feelings are now positive, or vice versa.
You can Post a Comment and Post a New Wack if you prefer. The Comment will remain attached to the original wack, while the new wack reflects your second experience. Wacktrap Members will be able to Rate your new wack.
b) When your feeling about the company or person remains the same as your original wack, but you've now experienced a new or additional major issue.
For instance, your original wack is related to a retail company and its customer service. You've now received the product, in the meantime, and the product is defective. This is a second and different issue, related to the same company. Following up by posting a Comment to your original wack may not be sufficient, and also won't allow members to Rate your wack for both issues.
c) When your wack is related to one company, but an additional company is now involved.
For instance, your original wack involves a retail company and its customer service. Your product hasn't arrived, however, because the delivery company lost the product in transit. You'll want to post a new wack for the related company, in this instance the delivery or transit company handling the shipment.
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