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What kind of stuff should I consider not posting in my wack?

We don’t want to offend but sometimes it just can’t be helped. We’re quite aware: you literally can’t please all the people all the time. We’re big proponents of free speech and, as Wacktrap Terms state, we’re not going to remove a user submission unless we feel there’s a real reason. We don’t believe in censorship. That said, if we feel material posted on the Wacktrap site strikes us as serious enough to border on obscenity or possible abuse, we may choose to remove it. It’s at our sole discretion.
Opinion varies widely as to the definition of obscenity, an issue better left to the courts. Sexual deviancy, and whatever it means to you, is typically better left in your bedroom than on our site. What you consider sexual norm may or may not be considered sexually deviant, explicit or even outright pornography by societal standards. We don’t want to judge. If you believe your content may be questionable, leave it off this site.
Similarly Wacktrap does not tolerate abuse of animals or people in any form, including hate speech. If you’ve abused another person, child, or an animal, some may feel that you should experience the same. Keep it far away from the Wacktrap site.
And a word to the wise-or to those exhibiting a frequent lack of common sense: don’t submit a pic, video, audio, document or a wack about a crime you’ve committed or are alleged to have committed. Unless you’re already exonerated of all charges, have served your sentence, or simply want to torment your attorney. There are a few things better left unsaid, particularly when it comes to your freedom, so please don’t incriminate yourself. Now if you’ve had an injustice with law enforcement or the court system, we of course want to hear about it-just make sure it’s not while you’re still defending yourself.
Wacktrap does not share personally identifying information of its users. Use Wacktrap in the manner intended: as our Terms state, you maintain responsibility in your actions on this site. That responsibility includes but is not limited to posting of wacks and related Comments. Please respect others as you would have them respect you. If you don't want to see your license plate number appear online, assume your neighbor feels similarly about his.
If you believe a wack or its contents to be potentially obscene or abusive, please Contact Wacktrap now.

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