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Wacktrap FAQs - Keeping It Safe

Tips to make your Wacktrap password even more secure:
Use More Characters: Your Wacktrap Password must be at least six characters long. But you can make it longer if you'd like. Even one or two extra characters helps maximize security.
Use Letters and Numbers: We don't require it but using a combo of letters and numbers is always more secure than using only letters. It's harder for someone with not-so-great intent to have a crack at.
Use Symbols: Symbols, such as an asterisk (*), period (.), pound sign (#), exclamation point (!), ‘at’ symbol (@) or use of any other symbol helps keep things super-secure. They're virtually impossible to guess and one of the top contenders for even the best hacking software.
Use Capitals: You can choose to use one or more caps in your password. Using a cap or two mixed throughout makes things more secure. Just remember where you put 'em, because your password is case-sensitive when you log in.
Never, Ever: Never use your first or last name, family member or spouse's name, pet’s name, street name, birthday, etc. You get the gist-anything that personally identifies you just shouldn't be used. You don't want anyone guessing your password simply by knowing common things about you, like a pet's name.
Avoid: Simple common words of the English language (i.e. ‘cracker’) or doubled common terms (i.e. ‘crackercracker’) can be easier for software to hack.
And: Don't use the same password for all your online accounts. If someone hacks into one of your other accounts and gets your personal info, they may try to use that info to log into your other online accounts.
Forget your Wacktrap password? We know it happens-especially when you're trying to be secure. We'll get it to you in a jiffy, so you'll be back up and wacking in no time. Get Your New Wacktrap Password Now!
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At Wacktrap, it’s not only important for members to be able to communicate quickly and easily, it’s vital. Your privacy is important. So when you use Wacktrap Messaging, all personal info, including email address, remains hidden from both parties. You wont' see theirs, and they won't see yours.
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You’re registering with us to enjoy and connect through the Wacktrap community, our site and its offerings and services. Your Wacktrap registration does not mean you expect to receive sales calls from the local housekeeping services in your area. We get it.
We respect your privacy. We respect the trust you’ve placed in us, and respect the personal information you've chosen to share with our Wacktrap companies. Unfortunately many companies have chosen to intentionally breach user privacy. We understand your concern.
Wacktrap policy includes the pledge that we do not sell any personally identifying information to third parties. To understand how we handle privacy concerns, view the most current Wacktrap Privacy Policy section now.

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Do not click into, enter any information, or respond to any email fitting the above description. These types of emails are spam or spoofs. Wacktrap will never send you an email requesting any type of financial or credit card information. Despite any logos that may appear in that email, if an email requests financial information from you, these types of communication are never sent from Wacktrap.
What are known as ‘phishing’ or ‘spoof’ emails are increasingly common, often targeted to high-traffic sites. These types of emails will never originate from Wacktrap. Often sent by spammers involved in attempts to harvest or collect personal data or information, never respond, open or log into any such email communication.
It's vital that Wacktrap is aware of circulation of spam-as quickly as possible. If you've received email communication you believe may be related to email phishing or spoofs: Report Spam now, selecting 'Spam Emails' from the dropdown menu. You may additionally view the current Wacktrap Privacy Policy here.
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While pure emotion may say 'yes,' common sense and logic scream 'no.' You are responsible for activity and Submissions made to the Wacktrap site.
The wack you’re posting may have to do solely with an individual person rather than a business or company. Your experience with that person might be crazy, funny, or even make you irate. Sometimes personal experiences can lead to very personal actions or reactions.
Maybe you've had a run-in with your neighbor. And because you live next door, you're in possession of personally identifying info including but not limited to telephone or license plate number, home address, etc. That's not the kind of stuff we want to see. Information can inadvertently be pumped to search engines. Your neighbor won't find submission of that kind of personal info to be humorous. Nor would you find it funny, if it happened to you.
Use Wacktrap in the manner intended: remember that you maintain responsibility in your actions on this site including but not limited to posting of wacks, related Comments and any other form of user Submission. As a Wacktrap user, you're responsible for abiding by the Terms of Use. Never misuse the Wacktrap site as a means of vengeance or as a means to circulate rumors or untruths.
Wacktrap is a fun place to be, with a fantastic community of members. Please help keep it that way. If you believe the Wacktrap site is being used in an unintended manner or in a manner which may violate its Terms, please Report Abuse here.
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We don’t want to offend but sometimes it just can’t be helped. We’re quite aware: you literally can’t please all the people all the time. We’re big proponents of free speech and, as Wacktrap Terms state, we’re not going to remove a user submission unless we feel there’s a real reason. We don’t believe in censorship. That said, if we feel material posted on the Wacktrap site strikes us as serious enough to border on obscenity or possible abuse, we may choose to remove it. It’s at our sole discretion.
Opinion varies widely as to the definition of obscenity, an issue better left to the courts. Sexual deviancy, and whatever it means to you, is typically better left in your bedroom than on our site. What you consider sexual norm may or may not be considered sexually deviant, explicit or even outright pornography by societal standards. We don’t want to judge. If you believe your content may be questionable, leave it off this site.
Similarly Wacktrap does not tolerate abuse of animals or people in any form, including hate speech. If you’ve abused another person, child, or an animal, some may feel that you should experience the same. Keep it far away from the Wacktrap site.
And a word to the wise-or to those exhibiting a frequent lack of common sense: don’t submit a pic, video, audio, document or a wack about a crime you’ve committed or are alleged to have committed. Unless you’re already exonerated of all charges, have served your sentence, or simply want to torment your attorney. There are a few things better left unsaid, particularly when it comes to your freedom, so please don’t incriminate yourself. Now if you’ve had an injustice with law enforcement or the court system, we of course want to hear about it-just make sure it’s not while you’re still defending yourself.
Wacktrap does not share personally identifying information of its users. Use Wacktrap in the manner intended: as our Terms state, you maintain responsibility in your actions on this site. That responsibility includes but is not limited to posting of wacks and related Comments. Please respect others as you would have them respect you. If you don't want to see your license plate number appear online, assume your neighbor feels similarly about his.
If you believe a wack or its contents to be potentially obscene or abusive, please Contact Wacktrap now.

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Wacktrap serves its community, its members and the voice they share. Dissemination of spam is rude and discourteous to our community, and in violation of Wacktrap Terms. We do not tolerate User violation of the Wacktrap Messaging system by contacting other Users in efforts to solicit services or goods. Any such involvement by a User will result in account disablement or permanent account removal at sole discretion of Wacktrap.

It violates Wacktrap Terms and integrity of the Wacktrap site to self-promote any business or service through the posting, Rating, or Commenting of wacks. Any account(s) found to be involved in this type of activity will be disabled or permanently removed.

Wacktrap has no tolerance for any User whom threatens, or potentially threatens, the safety and operation of the Wacktrap website or its Users. For any spam-related activity, Wacktrap policy allows for disablement or permanent removal of your Wacktrap account, without any notice to you.

If you’ve seen or received any solicitation or spam message via email or the Wacktrap site, contact us immediately and Report Abuse to Wacktrap now.

Wacktrap will additionally legally pursue any individual or company involved in attempt or action, as it relates to information collection or dissemination at the Wacktrap website. This includes but is not limited to any attempted scrape, hack, harvest, phish, or distribution of spoof or spam emails.
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Wacktrap respects your privacy. You place trust in your sharing of personal information with the Wacktrap companies. And that won’t be abused. When you continue to respect us, we share utmost respect with you.
The Wacktrap exception: abuse or threaten the safety of our users or the Wacktrap site, and protection of your privacy is altered. Examples include but are not limited to alleged involvement or participation in crime related to this site, or law enforcement issuance of subpoena based on your actions here.
Wacktrap holds no tolerance for threats of site safety. Things you’ve done in the past-that’s your business. Things you do on this site pertaining to safety-that’s our business.
Visit the Wacktrap Terms page and related Privacy Policy to learn more.
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Our Privacy Policy, Copyright /IP Policy and Terms page serve to constitute the Wacktrap Terms of Use to which Users agree to upon registration.

Visit the specific Wacktrap Privacy Policy section now.

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