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Keeping It Safe

How do I make my Wacktrap password most secure?

Tips to make your Wacktrap password even more secure:
Use More Characters: Your Wacktrap Password must be at least six characters long. But you can make it longer if you'd like. Even one or two extra characters helps maximize security.
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Should I list identifying info on Wacktrap for an individual?

While pure emotion may say 'yes,' common sense and logic scream 'no.' You are responsible for activity and Submissions made to the Wacktrap site.
The wack you’re posting may have to do solely with an individual person rather than a business or company. Your experience with that person might be crazy, funny, or even make you irate. Sometimes personal experiences can lead to very personal actions or reactions.
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What kind of stuff should I consider not posting in my wack?

We don’t want to offend but sometimes it just can’t be helped. We’re quite aware: you literally can’t please all the people all the time. We’re big proponents of free speech and, as Wacktrap Terms state, we’re not going to remove a user submission unless we feel there’s a real reason. We don’t believe in censorship. Read more

How does Wacktrap react to spam or user solicitation?

Wacktrap serves its community, its members and the voice they share. Dissemination of spam is rude and discourteous to our community, and in violation of Wacktrap Terms. We do not tolerate User violation of the Wacktrap Messaging system by contacting other Users in efforts to solicit services or goods. Read more

How can my privacy status with Wacktrap change?

Wacktrap respects your privacy. You place trust in your sharing of personal information with the Wacktrap companies. And that won’t be abused. When you continue to respect us, we share utmost respect with you.
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Wacktrap isn't selling my personal info is it?

You’re registering with us to enjoy and connect through the Wacktrap community, our site and its offerings and services. Your Wacktrap registration does not mean you expect to receive sales calls from the local housekeeping services in your area. We get it.
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What is the Wacktrap Privacy Policy and where can I find it?

Our Privacy Policy, Copyright /IP Policy and Terms page serve to constitute the Wacktrap Terms of Use to which Users agree to upon registration.

Visit the specific Wacktrap Privacy Policy section now.

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I received an email requesting financial info. Is it spam?

Do not click into, enter any information, or respond to any email fitting the above description. These types of emails are spam or spoofs. Wacktrap will never send you an email requesting any type of financial or credit card information. Despite any logos that may appear in that email, if an email requests financial information from you, these types of communication are never sent from Wacktrap.
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I'm messaging a member. Why can't I see their email address?

At Wacktrap, it’s not only important for members to be able to communicate quickly and easily, it’s vital. Your privacy is important. So when you use Wacktrap Messaging, all personal info, including email address, remains hidden from both parties. You wont' see theirs, and they won't see yours.
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