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Should I list identifying info on Wacktrap for an individual?

While pure emotion may say 'yes,' common sense and logic scream 'no.' You are responsible for activity and Submissions made to the Wacktrap site.
The wack you’re posting may have to do solely with an individual person rather than a business or company. Your experience with that person might be crazy, funny, or even make you irate. Sometimes personal experiences can lead to very personal actions or reactions.
Maybe you've had a run-in with your neighbor. And because you live next door, you're in possession of personally identifying info including but not limited to telephone or license plate number, home address, etc. That's not the kind of stuff we want to see. Information can inadvertently be pumped to search engines. Your neighbor won't find submission of that kind of personal info to be humorous. Nor would you find it funny, if it happened to you.
Use Wacktrap in the manner intended: remember that you maintain responsibility in your actions on this site including but not limited to posting of wacks, related Comments and any other form of user Submission. As a Wacktrap user, you're responsible for abiding by the Terms of Use. Never misuse the Wacktrap site as a means of vengeance or as a means to circulate rumors or untruths.
Wacktrap is a fun place to be, with a fantastic community of members. Please help keep it that way. If you believe the Wacktrap site is being used in an unintended manner or in a manner which may violate its Terms, please Report Abuse here.
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