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I received an email requesting financial info. Is it spam?

Do not click into, enter any information, or respond to any email fitting the above description. These types of emails are spam or spoofs. Wacktrap will never send you an email requesting any type of financial or credit card information. Despite any logos that may appear in that email, if an email requests financial information from you, these types of communication are never sent from Wacktrap.
What are known as ‘phishing’ or ‘spoof’ emails are increasingly common, often targeted to high-traffic sites. These types of emails will never originate from Wacktrap. Often sent by spammers involved in attempts to harvest or collect personal data or information, never respond, open or log into any such email communication.
It's vital that Wacktrap is aware of circulation of spam-as quickly as possible. If you've received email communication you believe may be related to email phishing or spoofs: Report Spam now, selecting 'Spam Emails' from the dropdown menu. You may additionally view the current Wacktrap Privacy Policy here.
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