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Wacktrap FAQs - Connecting

Wacktrap Connections are always at your fingertips. You're gonna make lots of 'em here and we keep 'em all in one, safe place. Click the 'My Account' tab, and you'll find 'My Connections' directly above your personal Scratchpad. We make it easy to keep track of who's who, with a thumbnail avatar for every Connection you've got.
'My Connections' is your inner circle. You choose ‘em, adding ‘em one by one as you meet and connect. When you want to make a Connection, let the member know. Click on the username, and you'll head straight to the member's profile page to learn a bit more about them. If you like what you see, click the 'add connection' icon represented by two people and found below the member's avatar photo and profile info.
When that member verifies that they're as interested in you, as you are in them, we'll immediately notify you of your new Connection. Wacktrap members will be able to see your Connections, and you'll be able to see theirs at a glance. Just visit any member's Wacktrap profile page to see who's connected.
Remember, Wacktrap values your privacy. When you make a Connection, any registered or personal information continues to be private. When communicating with any Connection you make, your email address and that member's remain hidden and undisclosed.
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You're sharing your wacks with friends quickly and easily. But what if you also want your friends to be able to share their wacks, and make 'em part of your Connections? After all, it’s even more fun to see your friends’ crazy experiences too. If your friends deem you ‘in the know’ on all the latest, help ‘em out by spreading the word. When  you're the 'go to,' don't leave 'em in the dark. You'll also rack up Wack Stats fast by inviting friends-and receive bonus Stats when your friends join Wacktrap.
You’re lovin’ Wacktrap and wanna spread the word. But you also want to make sure you’re not unknowingly adding your best friend’s email address to a list of streaming solicitations. That just wouldn’t be cool. At Wacktrap, we make sure we're adding to your rep, not making you the resident fool.
Any invite you send, including the email address you enter, remains private. We’re sticklers about that kind of thing. Wacktrap respects your privacy, and that of anyone you invite to our community. Email addresses are sacred stuff. We promise: we won’t be buggin’ your friend or associate with never-ending emails or solicitations. They’ll get your invite once. And we won’t be using that info for solicitation. Wacktrap Terms of Use will help you understand our policy.
Wacktrap Invitations is a handy feature designed to make life easy-and communication fast. You can invite friends, family or anyone in your exclusive circle, to join the Wacktrap community. And because we've made a solid pledge to you, you'll rest assured we're not violating your privacy or theirs.
Our Invitations feature makes joining Wacktrap a snap. Your friends will become part of your community-fast and easy-so they can post wacks right alongside yours. Make it a race to see whose wacks make it the Wacktrap homepage first-unless of course you're afraid of a little friendly competition.
Just log in and head directly to your personal Wacktrap Account, found at the 'My Account' tab. Once there, you’ll find a handy tab reading ‘Invitations.’ Click that tab, enter the email address where you’d like that invite to go, and hit submit. You can even include a short note. It’s that simple. They’ll receive a simple email similar to this:
“Your friend, [this would be you] , has invited you to join wacktrap at To become a member of wacktrap, click the link below or paste it into the address bar of your browser.”
When they click that link, we’ll take ‘em where they need to go-straightaway. And you've helped 'em get there. For every friend that joins, we’ll be awardin’ you those bonus Wack Stats. But that’s just between us. We won’t share your secret.
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At Wacktrap, you have the freedom to communicate. Free and easy. Any time you see another Wacktrap member’s username in a wack, wack Rating, Comment or Forum post, you’ll be able to contact the member directly and privately. You've only gotta be logged in to be usin' Wacktrap Messaging. We'll do the rest of the work for you. If you're messaging a member frequently, you just may want to make 'em a Connection at your fingertips. And if your personal connections aren't yet your Wacktrap Connections, send 'em an invite now.
Just how fast is Wacktrap Messaging? Slower than regular email, right? Nope. In fact we have a feelin' you'll like it even better. It's your direct line to Wacktrap members, and to your Connections. You'll be gettin' and sendin' fast messages-without ever leavin' the Wacktrap site. No need to flip back and forth or check your regular email account. Quick and easy, it's all happenin' right here.
Message any member on the Wacktrap site. Make sure you're logged in to click on the username link found in any member's wack. We'll take ya straight to their Wacktrap profile, to give you a bit better idea of who they are-including likes, links and the Lowdown. Below their avatar and Wack Stats total, click on the icon of a single person to send a private message, pronto.
We value your privacy, and the privacy of every Wacktrap member. When you message any Wacktrap member, email addresses and personally identifying information remain undisclosed.
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Want to add your wack to your Facebook profile or tweet that wack instantly? You owe it to that inner circle to keep 'em up-to-date. After all, what would they do without you? We know you spend time on other sites, so we won't make you choose a favorite. We've made it easy to incorporate your wack, or share any wack you see, with your favorite friends and sites, in just clicks.
To add that wack to Facebook, quickly, just choose the wack you want to share now. It can be your own wack, or anyone else’s. Make sure the wack’s expanded first, clicking 'Read More' if necessary, so you see the ‘Share’ feature found at the base of every wack. Mousing over the ‘Share’ feature, you’ll see the Facebook icon become available. Click on the Facebook icon and we'll take you to a brand-new page, so you won't be losin' track of that wack.
If you’re already logged into Facebook, you won’t need to do it again from Wacktrap. If not, we’ll help you log into Facebook when you choose the icon from our ‘Share’ feature menu. We’ll take care of pluggin' in that wack link for you, so you won’t need to enter a thing. We'll also give you a spot, so you can add a comment of your own to appear alongside that wack you're sharing on Facebook.

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We see most of you daily. Sometimes several times per day. And that's the way we like it. We're a tight-knit community here. Wacktrap members not only want to hear from you, they're waiting for you to become part of that community.
Immerse yourself: we make it fun. Post new wacks, Rate wacks, and Comment as often as you like. We love when you visit. And, remember, the world is hanging on your every word. Your Connections are, at least.
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Just like you can’t see the personal info of the Wacktrap member you’re contacting, or wooing to make that Connection, we're similarly keepin' your info under wraps. Totally private. We're loyal that way, and there's nothin' additional you need to do maintain that level. No need to check a box, or mark a preference, in your Wacktrap account to ensure continued privacy.
Use Wacktrap Messaging to send and receive messages to other members and Connections without disclosing your email address, name or personal info.
Wacktrap takes your privacy seriously. In the future,  some specialized options may come into play. For now, rest assured your registered info's kept under virtual lock and key. When requirements cause our Team to step it up a notch, we'll be keeping you 'in the know.'
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