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I want to send a message to another user. Can the user see my information?

Just like you can’t see the personal info of the Wacktrap member you’re contacting, or wooing to make that Connection, we're similarly keepin' your info under wraps. Totally private. We're loyal that way, and there's nothin' additional you need to do maintain that level. No need to check a box, or mark a preference, in your Wacktrap account to ensure continued privacy.
Use Wacktrap Messaging to send and receive messages to other members and Connections without disclosing your email address, name or personal info.
Wacktrap takes your privacy seriously. In the future,  some specialized options may come into play. For now, rest assured your registered info's kept under virtual lock and key. When requirements cause our Team to step it up a notch, we'll be keeping you 'in the know.'
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