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I want to share a wack in my Facebook Profile. How do I do it easily?

Want to add your wack to your Facebook profile or tweet that wack instantly? You owe it to that inner circle to keep 'em up-to-date. After all, what would they do without you? We know you spend time on other sites, so we won't make you choose a favorite. We've made it easy to incorporate your wack, or share any wack you see, with your favorite friends and sites, in just clicks.
To add that wack to Facebook, quickly, just choose the wack you want to share now. It can be your own wack, or anyone else’s. Make sure the wack’s expanded first, clicking 'Read More' if necessary, so you see the ‘Share’ feature found at the base of every wack. Mousing over the ‘Share’ feature, you’ll see the Facebook icon become available. Click on the Facebook icon and we'll take you to a brand-new page, so you won't be losin' track of that wack.
If you’re already logged into Facebook, you won’t need to do it again from Wacktrap. If not, we’ll help you log into Facebook when you choose the icon from our ‘Share’ feature menu. We’ll take care of pluggin' in that wack link for you, so you won’t need to enter a thing. We'll also give you a spot, so you can add a comment of your own to appear alongside that wack you're sharing on Facebook.

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