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Creating Great wacks

Do I have to include a pic, video, url or pdf in my wack?

Heck, no. You don’t have to attach anything to your wack you're not feelin' like including. Wacktrap provides optional fields, to allow our members inclusion of four different types of optional media and references. We've also provided a specialized field, for Location Name and address info for wacks related to any business.
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Why avoid short words like a, an, the, it, to in my wack Title?

Avoid words like ‘I’, ‘and,’ ‘an’, ‘a’, ‘as,’ ‘the’, ‘to’, ‘or, ‘in,’ ‘it,’ ‘if,’ ‘but,’ ‘you,’ ‘etc,’ or similar two or three-letter words when creating your wack Title. Trust us, you don’t need ‘em. And, we promise, you really don’t want ‘em. Read more

What the heck does Keyword refer to at Wacktrap?

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords. Keywords are vital to great wack Titles and just as important in your wack itself. Keywords help you find the wacks you’re lookin’ for, and help everyone else find your wacks. And find those wacks easily, when Keywords are maximized correctly. Learn how to use Keywords to make your wack Title great:
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I want the best wack Title so users can find it easily. What do I do?

We'll help you create great wack Titles in a snap. There's one purpose of wack Titles and that's to help members find your wack. If they can't find it, they can't read it. And if they can't read it, they can't Rate it. Or Comment on it. You get the point. Users have to get to your wack, and you want 'em to get there. So we're gonna show you how:
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What is the only purpose of a wack Title?

Your wack Title has one purpose: to enable people, all over the world, to find your wack. The one way to achieve that purpose: get all the important stuff, and only the important stuff into your wack Title.
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What are the 4 Commandments for every wack Title?

Keep your wack a live wire in Wacktrap Search Results! You want your wack to rise to the top, where it belongs-so users can read it, Rate your wack and Comment. Here's some tips for how to create the best wack Titles. Read more

Can I edit my wack?

Just as they occur in life, experiences are permanent, and so are those you upload to Wacktrap. Edits or alterations provide opportunity for things to go awry. Broken or dead links, cached info that's just not there, or wacks you simply can't find: you won't be happy if things aren't showin' up where they're supposed to, and we wouldn't want that happenin'.
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