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Wacktrap FAQs - Creating Great wacks

Heck, no. You don’t have to attach anything to your wack you're not feelin' like including. Wacktrap provides optional fields, to allow our members inclusion of four different types of optional media and references. We've also provided a specialized field, for Location Name and address info for wacks related to any business.
While we certainly won't tell you anything you need to do, we've got a couple suggestions as to why you may want to include those extras in your wack.
If you’re a master of the English language or purist, you may feel your wack needs nothing additional. And if you're  ‘on the go,’ adding that wack as fast as your laptop can handle, you may not have the time.
If you’ve got a second to spare, here'why to consider that add:
•    A picture can be worth more than a thousand words. Upload digital camera images or use spontaneous, ‘on the fly’ photos taken via mobile phone, to make your point quickly.
•    Nothing says 'this happened' quite like a video clip. Even the shortest clips are indescribable through text alone, even for a master wordsmith.
•    URLs are handy, can be pasted in seconds, and make a fantastic reference point. One of the fastest attachments, URLs help instantly clarify.
•    The almighty pdf doc. Nothing says proof quite like a scanned document: if you scan and store, or have that pdf handy, substantiate your wack through a related document.
If you've got visuals or docs, Wacktrap members want to see 'em. They wanna know just exactly what you’re talkin’ about, and attachments make your point for you. When you include a visual, you’re givin’ 'em the full picture.
You're also rackin' up bonus Wack Stats for every attachment you add. And remember: pics, videos, URLs and docs are mighty popular stuff, helping people reference and share. Add those extras to get your wack promoted to the Wacktrap front page, for the world to see.
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Avoid words like ‘I’, ‘and,’ ‘an’, ‘a’, ‘as,’ ‘the’, ‘to’, ‘or, ‘in,’ ‘it,’ ‘if,’ ‘but,’ ‘you,’ ‘etc,’ or similar two or three-letter words when creating your wack Title. Trust us, you don’t need ‘em. And, we promise, you really don’t want ‘em. They'll only drag you and your wack Rating down.
Why's it so crucial to omit the small stuff? As important as those short words are in speech, they're equally detrimental when included in your wack Title. Two and three-letter words make it hard, or even impossible, for members to find your wack. Those little words connect thoughts when you're speaking. They make it easier to explain meaning, and keep things in context. But here's the deal: our Wacktrap Search function doesn't need those connectors, and in fact doesn't want 'em. It's lookin’ for the major keyword stuff, so it can retrieve the things that really matter. When you’re throwin’ in those itty, bitty words they're getting’ in the way. Those tiny words work to baffle same ‘brain’ that’s tryin' so hard to find the things most relevant to you.
So help keep the small stuff out. Tiny words clog the arteries of our excellent Search function, which is workin' hard to pump those important wacks to the top of the heap for you. Search is diligently checking through all those wacks, to find you the stuff you're really lookin' for. We know those few letters don't take much space: they're small-and that's the big problem. When our Search function focuses on bringing back your best matches, it’s gettin’ bogged down trying to find the small stuff too. The stuff you don’t need and don't care about. And that means you get less of the stuff you really want and need.
Always remember: your Title's simple purpose: to get users to your wack. Members must be able to find your wack in order to be able to read and rate it. Short words throw your wack to the bottom of the stack. Only use the word 'no' or the word 'of,' if it specifically appears in a company name. The rest of the time, leave 'em by the wayside.
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Keywords, Keywords, Keywords. Keywords are vital to great wack Titles and just as important in your wack itself. Keywords help you find the wacks you’re lookin’ for, and help everyone else find your wacks. And find those wacks easily, when Keywords are maximized correctly. Learn how to use Keywords to make your wack Title great:
Keywords are mighty important here at Wacktrap. They play a big role in helpin’ that handy Search bar we’ve got work right, and most efficiently for you. They're simply the terms describing the most important stuff that you, and other members, are lookin’ for: they'll help you find the most relevant stuff you're searching our at Wacktrap. Examples include a specific company name, an industry (i.e., 'Credit Cards'), or terms having to do with an industry or topic (i.e. , 'Interest Rates'). It's important to use the right keywords, for the absolute best results. And that's gonna help everyone else find your wacks easily too.
When utilizing the best Keywords, your wacks will naturally rise to the top, where more and more people will be able to see 'em, give your wacks a 5-gavel rating and Comment on your wacks. When members find you easily, you just may find your wacks featured, basking in the limelight of our front page-for the world to see.
To get the Search results you want, you’re gonna plug in those terms specifically related to topics or companies. And the more specific those terms are, and the more relevant Keyword terms you include in your Search (i.e., 'Credit Cards Interest Rates'), the more narrow and specific the results. Using the right ones means you're not weeding through all those extras, the things you're not lookin' for. The results, for terms like ‘Credit Cards Interest Rates,’ will be fewer but will also be more relevant than using only the terms ‘Credit Cards’ or ‘Interest Rates’ alone. To seriously narrow your Search using keywords, include the actual company name before the terms ‘Credit Cards Interest Rates.’ You'll receive narrowed results pertaining to Credit Cards Interest Rates as they relate to that actual, specific company.
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We'll help you create great wack Titles in a snap. There's one purpose of wack Titles and that's to help members find your wack. If they can't find it, they can't read it. And if they can't read it, they can't Rate it. Or Comment on it. You get the point. Users have to get to your wack, and you want 'em to get there. So we're gonna show you how:
First, keep in mind: Keywords are important. They're the basis of Search, so get familiar with 'em. We're including a quick tutorial here to lead you. It may look lengthy but it's quick, we promise. We're creating a wack and we've gotta come up with a good Title so that people find it. In this instance, we've got a laptop that's crashing. And it's defective. Our goal is for as many members as possible to find our wack, and find it easily. If we do it right and create a great wack Title, it'll naturally come to the top of Search results users are gettin'. When your wack's at the top of results, members Rate your wack and even get that wack promoted for feature on the Wacktrap homepage.
We're using a product for this example, since products require the most info or Keywords you'll ever need to enter. Slim it down, to apply this to any company, service, industry, company, issue, or topic, to use for any wack you add.
But first the fast-break: visit 4 Commandments for every wack Title now. You'll be back in a flash, and we'll be sure to hold this page for you. Learn how to create a great wack Title now:

1) First, who made it or what company is it? The manufacturer name and any aka is vital. In this case the manufacturer is ‘XYZ’. Our wack Title currently reads:
2) There's an additional name the company goes by-for instance a parent company. In this case, ‘ABC.' Two names-so we need to include ‘em both. Just in case someone searches for ABC instead of XYZ:
3) Next, what's the type of product or service?  in this case, it’s a product-a computer. So we've got:
XYZ ABC Computer
4) But we need to make sure to be specific about type. There's different types of computers-we want people to be able to find our wack. This is a laptop, not desktop or tower. So let’s plug it in:
XYZ ABC Laptop Computer


5) Are there similar or additional terms? What do other people call it. In this case, it's also frequently known as a ‘Notebook' also We want people to find our wack easily. So we're gonna add it:
XYZ ABC Laptop Notebook Computer


6) Is there a model name that applies? Yes: we'll make it ‘ZIR.' Model names are important: people search by 'em, even forgetting to plug in the manufacturer. So here we go:
XYZ ABC Laptop Notebook Computer ZIR


7) Is there a model number that applies? Yes: we'll make it the MR-300. If you're a manufacturer and this happens to be your model number, it's purely coincidence-so forgive us. Now our Title reads:
XYZ ABC Laptop Notebook Computer ZIR MR-300


8) Is there an alternate way people search? Most model numbers have a dash. But people often forget about 'em when Searching. They can make a big difference in results-so we're adding it without the dash also: MR300. Now a lot of people will find our wack that wouldn't have otherwise:
XYZ ABC Laptop Notebook Computer ZIR MR-300 MR300


9) What industry does this product belong to? A computer: Electronics of course. Adding the keyword Electronics will people to find your wack that wouldn't have otherwise. Now we have:
XYZ ABC Laptop Notebook Computer ZIR MR-300 MR300 Electronics


10) We’re almost done-we promise. What’s occurring? In this case, the laptop's crashing-constantly. So we need to describe what it’s doing-and describe it in active form: it's ‘crash-ing’, and that ‘ing’ is important.
XYZ ABC Laptop Notebook Computer ZIR MR-300 MR300 Electronics Crashing


11) And the finale: is there anything additional or other terms that describing what's happening? In this case, the manufacturer’s now stating it's defective. That’s crucial-so we need to get it in there:
XYZ ABC Laptop Notebook Computer ZIR MR-300 MR300 Electronics Crashing Defective
Ta-da! Our final wack Title in all it's glory:
XYZ ABC Laptop Notebook Computer ZIR MR-300 MR300 Electronics Crashing Defective

and famous number:
12) Location Name. Any time you add a wack, Wacktrap's givin' you a special spot to specifically list Location name and physical address info of a related company or business. Including this info allows people to find wacks related to that same company, or even wacks related to the exact physical address location. If your wack involves store location, a chain or franchise in any industry, including an airline and airport, you're also gonna want to plug that info into your wack Title as city and state. Just leave the commas aside: i.e., New York NY.

Click here to Add a wack now and get started!
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Just as they occur in life, experiences are permanent, and so are those you upload to Wacktrap. Edits or alterations provide opportunity for things to go awry. Broken or dead links, cached info that's just not there, or wacks you simply can't find: you won't be happy if things aren't showin' up where they're supposed to, and we wouldn't want that happenin'.
So how do you update a wack when you've had a change? Changes happen. If there's been a major shift, good or bad, of course you're feelin' it-and need to let the world know. We won't leave you in the lurch, so here's two ways to make that fix:
You can Post a wack Comment or Post a New Wack:
Post a wack Comment:
If you've got a simple follow-up, you can post a Comment to your original wack. While you can't Rate your own wack, you can Comment on it. This is the best method for stuff that isn't major. Maybe you just want to add a bit more info, or detail you forgot. Posting a Comment is the simplest, and best, way to update smaller stuff you just plain forgot. You can add Comments quickly and easily. Just pop open that wack, making sure it's fully expanded, and you'll find a handy 'Post a Comment' area at the base. Users can't Rate your Comment, they can only Rate wacks. When something big has occurred or changed, and you're looking to also have that wack Rated, consider instead posting a new wack.
Post a New Wack:
a) When your current feelings about the company or experience reverse. For instance, negative feelings are now positive, or vice versa.
You can Post a Comment and Post a New Wack if you prefer. The Comment will remain attached to the original wack, while the new wack reflects your second experience. Wacktrap Members will be able to Rate your new wack.
b) When your feeling about the company or person remains the same as your original wack, but you've now experienced a new or additional major issue.
For instance, your original wack is related to a retail company and its customer service. You've now received the product, in the meantime, and the product is defective. This is a second and different issue, related to the same company. Following up by posting a Comment to your original wack may not be sufficient, and also won't allow members to Rate your wack for both issues.
c) When your wack is related to one company, but an additional company is now involved.
For instance, your original wack involves a retail company and its customer service. Your product hasn't arrived, however, because the delivery company lost the product in transit. You'll want to post a new wack for the related company, in this instance the delivery or transit company handling the shipment.
Add a wack now
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Keep your wack a live wire in Wacktrap Search Results! You want your wack to rise to the top, where it belongs-so users can read it, Rate your wack and Comment. Here's some tips for how to create the best wack Titles. Follow these 4 Commandments for wack Titles, below, to rise to the top:
Follow these 4 Commandments-we won't call ya a zealot:
Cap it: Always cap the first letter of every Keyword in your wack Title but never cap every letter of your words. What are keywords?
Omit it. Get rid of the small stuff. Don't use short, Search-irrelevant words like ‘I’, ‘and,’ ‘an’, ‘a’, ‘the’, 'as' ‘to’, ‘or, ‘in,’ ‘it,’ ‘if,’ ‘but,’ ‘you,’ ‘etc,’ or similar words. Find out why short words can drag your wack down.
Spell it: get 'em right the first time. Check, check and double-check. If those Title keywords aren’t spelled correctly, no one’s findin’ your wack-to read or rate it.
And by no means punctuate it: The way you speak or write doesn’t apply to creating great wack Titles. So throw those misconceptions out the window. Commas, periods, quotes, apostrophes-they've got no place here.
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Your wack Title has one purpose: to enable people, all over the world, to find your wack. The one way to achieve that purpose: get all the important stuff, and only the important stuff into your wack Title.
You won’t be needing to cram your whole wack experience into this short space. We promise, we'll give ya lots of space to say it all, in the body of your wack itself. Your wack Title concentrates on those almighty Keywords. use them correctly and members won't only find your wack: they'll be able to read it, give it a wacktastic 5-mallet Rating, even Comment on your wack.
We'll help you learn how to get the right Title Keywords in the right place so your wack can rise to the top, where it belongs. 
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