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Nokia Cell Mobile Phone Rings in Ukraine Crocodile Stomach

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by copythis

copythis's picture
In The News

In The News
It all sounds like something straight out of a Disney tale with a modern twist: while the "Peter Pan" croc went "tick-tock" after swallowing a clock, a crocodile in a Ukraine zoo goes "ring-ring" after swallowing a Nokia cell phone.
While the croc could die senselessly from a visitor's stupidity, the zoo's aquarium visitor is interested in retrieving her SIM card photos and contacts. The young woman stupidly tried to snap a "dramatic" photo, but instead dropped the mobile phone into the crocodile tank. Zoo employees believe that the crocodile may have snapped up the Nokia in efforts to protect its playmates.
Gena, a 14-year-old crocodile located in the eastern city of Dnipropetrovsk, has been refusing food after gobbling up the cell phone dropped into his domain. The young woman, who claims she was trying to photograph the male crocodile, accidentally dropped the Nokia mobile phone into the water.
The young mother in her 20's was griping to aquarium staff – who didn’t believe the incident at first – that the croc had swallowed her cellular phone. Staff was urged to take a closer when "the phone started ringing and the sound was coming from inside our Gena's stomach and we understood she wasn't lying," says an aquarium employee.
The aquarium visitor had stretched out an arm -- to snap a photo of Gena’s mouth opening – when the Nokia dropped into the water. Apparently Gena believed the visitor might be offering up a morsel:
"This should have been a very dramatic shot, but things didn't work out," the aquarium visitor said. "It could've been a good shot," says the visitor. "maybe I was not careful with it, but I think that zoo managers should think about human mistakes." Perhaps the perpetrator of a stupid and useless turn of events should think about human mistakes.
Along the lines of stupid people, the incident could prove dramatic: the crocodile has been refusing food ever since, for four weeks, and employees say the animal hasn’t eaten and appears depressed and in pain. Not even favorite treats have helped increase the croc’s appetite – with offerings of favorites, like live quail instead of pork or beef, the crocodile isn’t hungry.
"The animal is not feeling well," said Alexandra. "His behavior has changed, he moves very little and swims much less than he used to."
Gena also won’t play with any of his three fellow African crocodiles, even though he’s normally the leader in the group. Crocodiles can live up to 100 years and aquarium employees say it’s possible that Gena swallowed the cell phone – possibly perceived as a threat – in order to protect the group of crocodiles.
The chief veterinarian says the crocodile will have to have x-rays next week if things don’t improve – but surgery is a last resort, since surgery incisions and stitches take at least three weeks to properly heal and are dangerous for reptiles.
While Gena the crocodile’s life is at stake, the aquarium visitor says she’ s ok with losing the Nokia cell – but that she really wants her SIM card back because it has her “precious” photos and contacts.
In the meantime, the crocodile would probably prefer to have never come across any idiots as aquarium visitors.


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OK. I'm sorry, but accidents

August 4, 2011 by seriously., 8 years 49 weeks ago

seriously.'s picture

OK. I'm sorry, but accidents happen.

1st. Why is Gena changing gender throughout the story?
2nd. Crocodiles don't have playmates. (If you think they are playful go for a swim"
3rd. Crocodiles can go a year without eating. (My only concern is the battery of the cell)
4th. Crocodiles DON'T protect each other.
5th. Crocodiles are found with all sorts of non organic material in their stomachs. (Watches, jewelry, sunglasses. Things wonr by ORGANIC material)

The Zoo vet needs to snag the croc and open it's belly and get the cell phone.

People just seem to do dumb

August 4, 2011 by venusrising, 8 years 49 weeks ago

venusrising's picture

People just seem to do dumb stuff at zoos and aquariums for the sake of a photo. There have been so many people falling in cages etc. I guess the girl is lucky she is not the one in Gena the crocs belly, now that would really suck.