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Irritated Juror Sends Obscenities to Court for Jail Time

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by copythis

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A returned jury questionnaire-complete with obscenities-was returned to Arizona Court, where it promptly landed its author (aka, selected juror) a gig behind bars.He fought the law, and the jail (because it has bars) won.
An Arizona man was blunt about expressing displeasure for a call to jury duty , and apparently also unhappy about the the Court questionnaire he'd received. Timothy Michael Jones was ordered to appear in Court, to explain to a Judge exactly why he sent back a jury questionnaire with obscenities-clearly written in black marker.
Yuma County Court didn't see the humor in Jones' written additions to the legal document. When Jones failed to show up in Court, his jury document obscenities marked only the beginning of legal troubles. Yuma County Superior Court Judge Andrew Gould issued a bench warrant, so Jones now faces a charge of indirect criminal contempt, a charge carrying possible penalties of six months in jail and a fine of up to $300.
Court records show that Timothy Jones was sent a Yuma County jury summons last month telling him he had been randomly selected as a prospective juror along with the questionnaire. At least Jones kept the obscene remarks limited to the questionnaire only; marking up the Summons itself with obscenities, and instead returning that document, might have gotten him a full year.
Oh, the plight of under-capacity jails; wardens gotta have company too.

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