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Wendys Drive-Thru Food Fight Ends in Customer Arrests

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by underthesea

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In The News

Burgers, french fries, and even punches were thrown at a Wendy's fast food restaurant drive-thru window--in a fight involving customers and employees of Wendy's in Kalamazoo, MI, two people were arrested.
Kalamazoo police said that four customers were waiting in a vehicle at a Wendy's drive-thru window, telling Wendy's employees that their fast food order was incorrect. Police said hurled sodas, hamburgers and french fries were thrown at a Wendy's employee who was inside--hit by the food.
The assaulted Wendy's drive-thru window employee then returned the food assault, police say, now throwing food at the vehicle, hitting the vehicle with a drink, ketchup and french fries.
Two people who had been in the vehicle, when the food fight first occurred, then went inside the fast food chain location, where a physical fight with Wendy's employees began onsite--and even chairs being thrown.
Two of the customers were subsequently arrested by police, on assault charges made by police. The original Wendy's employee involved had minor scrapes and abrasions but no need for emergency medical treatment.
Kalamazoo police said Wendy's restaurant employees blamed the physical and food fights on a "communication breakdown."


Wendy's Fast Food Restaurant Kalamazoo, MI
United States
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