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The Cheese Will Kill You!

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by venusrising

venusrising's picture
In My Life

So, today I am at a cool little grocery near my house waiting at the deli counter to to order up some Boar's Head meat and cheese for lunches this week. While I am waiting in line there is a sample plastic counter full of bagel slices that this short and rather chunky lady is munching on with glee. When it is my turn to order I ask for some Roast Beef, Sliced Cracked Pepper Turkey and some sliced Swiss and Munster cheese to go with it. Now mind you, I was not ordering pounds of cheese but rather a quarter of pound of each to have in the fridge for two us and for anyone that stops by for a bite. The stout woman with the large belly and grouchy face says to me " Cheese is the worst thing for you, it is all fat" not knowing what the heck to say to this lady I said "I know, but it sis so good" She proceeds to continue with " I'm serious, it is the worst thing for you that you can eat, all fat and it will drive your cholesterol sky high." All the while she is powering through the bagel slice freebies like no bodies business. The deli man finally hands her her meat, sliced corn beef, she verifies that it is not the low fat version and then proceeds to remind him that he forgot her side of potato salad (this one is the deli over mayo variety that looks more like a sea of Best Foods than actual potato.) She grabs her goodies and heads to the door, my eyes follow her in disbelief as my jaw hits the floor.

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