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Wack Stats Tiers

Wack Stats

Once you register on the Wacktrap website you'll be racking up Wack Stats for everything you do here. Your personal Wack Stats, and level, are always displayed right below your username.

We’ve registered you for Wack Stats, automatically, when you joined the Wacktrap site. So there's nothing extra you'll need to do. You can earn as many Stats, as fast as you want, to move up through the tiers.

Spread the word, spread the wealth: rack up Wack Stats even faster just by invitin' those friends of yours. For every friend you invite to Wacktrap, you’ll be earning up to 50 Wack Stats! You’re getting’ 20 Stats automatically, just for sendin’ that Invite, plus 30 bonus Stats when they join and become a registered member.
100,000 Wack Stats  =   BLACK  
50,000 Wack Stats   
25,000 Wack Stats    =   GOLD  
2,5000 Wack Stats    =   SILVER  

05 Wack Stats            =   MEMBER

Racking' up those Wack Stats:

50  Wack Stats       Add a wack                               Add a wack now!

15  Wack Stats       Add a Video to your wack

15  Wack Stats       Add a Photo to your wack

10  Wack Stats       Add a url to your wack
10  Wack Stats       Add a doc to your wack

20  Wack Stats       Share a wack with another site

05   Wack Stats      Rate a wack

20  Wack Stats       Comment on a wack

20  Wack Stats       Invite a Friend to join Wacktrap
30  Wack Stats       Invited Friend joins Wacktrap

10  Wack Stats       Post to Wacktrap Forums                                            

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