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Man Loans Stolen Truck for Beer Run and Tells Police Carjacked

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by copythis

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Running out of beer might be stupid enough-but lending your vehicle to a total stranger stupider. Lying to Florida Police who check video cameras-stupidest, and priceless.
Daytona Beach, Florida, police say a man loaned his truck to a complete stranger-to make a "beer run". The stranger, yes, stole the truck. So what do you do? Well, apparently the wise thing is not to tell police the vehicle was carjacked.
Daytona Beach Police Department in Florida says a 33-year-old man phoned the police department, to say (possibly armed, no less) men had ordered him out of the truck at a stoplight near 4 a.m. Unfortunately for him, the man didn't think about the possibility of cameras. Daytona Beach Police reviewed video camera footage for the intersection-and didn't see anything.
When police investigators confronted the alleged victim of carjacking, he confessed he'd loaned the truck to a man he'd met while, of course, drinking. Where did he meet the car thief? Drinking at a motel, of course. Possibly the only thing dumber might have been meeting the man at a bar--while drinking. Apparently neither scenario worked out well-allegedly the other man had stated he wanted to get more beer but never came back.
Guess the "carjacker" never said where he wanted to get more beer. Why did the 33-year-old tell Florida police he was carjacked? Because he was embarrassed. That, and possibly he didn't think insurance would cover a beer run.

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