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How to Wack: Getting Acquainted

What are Wack Maps and Member Maps?

Wacktrap Maps put things in perspective. You'll be selecting from two map types, from the top navigation bar. Read more

Why can I read a wack but not Rate or Comment?

If you've landed on our site, you’ll be able to read wacks and the good stuff that accompanies those wacks you’re viewin'. Like their wack Ratings and wack Comments. But you won’t be able to do all the other good stuff, or participate on the Wacktrap site, before becoming a registered Member. We don’t ask for a lot. Read more

Why send a Wacktrap Invitation?

When you’re the ‘go to’ for advice, the latest, and greatest, do you really want to be the one leavin' your friends in the dark? Spread the wealth, share the knowledge.
  Read more

Can I add or attach a pic, video, url or pdf doc to my wack?

Absolutely! You'll want to add a photo, video, url web address, or doc to your wack experience whenever you can. Read more

I’ve heard of Wacktrap Forums. Just what’s it all about?

Reality TV or tabloids got you believin you’ve heard it all? Wacktrap Forums may just take it up a notch. Stuff you were looking for. Stuff you didn’t expect. And stuff you thought you’d never find. One hot spot: you won’t be forgettin’ your visit here anytime soon. Get into these Forums and you’ll find our members have a thing, or ten, to say. And regardless of whether you agree with what you're hearin', there's one point of convergence: this experience is never boring. Read more

What is a wack?

Quite simply, a wack is your experience. Your wacks–and the wacks of all our users-are the core of the Wacktrap site. Read more

What is a wack Comment?

A wack Comment represents how you’re feelin’, and exactly what you’re thinkin’, about a wack. Any wack. At the base of every posted wack, you’ll see a handy box. That box speaks volumes.
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What is a wack Rating?

A wack Rating is represented by that row of mallets you see alongside every wack experience. It’s one of the most important parts of the Wacktrap site. That Rating, simply, is how highly members view a wack. When members think a wack is great you'll know: the best wacks have a 5-mallet rating, and the best of the best make it to Wacktrap front page glory. Read more

How do I tell friends about my wack immediately?

Now that you’ve posted your wack, you're gonna want to share it with friends, family, even co-workers. So we've made it a snap to get it to 'em fast. And you've got options: send it by wack mail, or send it directly to your account with Facebook or Twitter. With a click of our ‘Share’ Button, you'll be sendin' that wack instantly. Read more

Can I Search for wacks by specific company name or topic?

That handy Search bar, found at the top right corner of every Wacktrap site page, will help you quickly locate user wacks, wack Comments and wack Ratings related to keywords for any topic and/or business or company name.
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