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Step 1: Adding your wacks

How detailed should I make my wack?

It’s your life, your experiences. So your wack will be as detailed as you deem worthy. As long or short as you like. Some days you may feel like writing a novel. Others, a novella. When it's more of a paragraph kinda day, just be sure to give us at least 10 words. The details are up to you.
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What is a Category?

A Category is that 'just-right' spot where your wack's hanging out, ready to be accessed quickly and easily. Categories function like bookstore sections, organized by topic. Wacks of similar topics are grouped together, waiting to be 'browsed.' Getting that wack in the right Category is essential. If your wack gets miscategorized, it remains accessible by keyword Search only, not for related 'browsing.'
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How do I add my wack?

You can add a wack from any page on the Wacktrap website. If you're ever feeling lost, remember: we always keep that Add Wack link at the ready. You'll find it in the top, main navigation menu, and it's not movin'. Adding a wack is easy stuff. We provide lots of options, but only three simple things are required: Category, Title, and your wack itself.
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What can I add or attach to my wack?

There’s just three main parts to any wack: the Category you select, its Title, and the body text of the wack itself. You're not going to be messin' with the Category, just selecting. If you can't find the Category that fits your wack, you've gotta let us know so we can fix it.
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What are the differences between a wack, Rating and Comment?

A wack, a Rating and a Comment are different from one another but they've got an awfully tight relationship. If you’re just startin’ out, the following will help you get acquainted-fast-with how they also relate to each other.
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Can I add to my wack once it's been uploaded?

Have something you want, or need, to add to your wack once it's already been created? Because your original wack can't be altered or edited once you hit 'Submit,' wack Comments is designed for that extra stuff you want to squeeze in, or feel like you just gotta say, after the fact.
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If I'm featured on Wacktrap will everyone know who I am?

Yes, but only in the best way. If your wack is promoted to the Wacktrap front page, your average 5-mallet ratings mean you’ve done a stellar job. You're guaranteed that Wacktrap members couldn’t agree more, since they’re the ones who put you there: front and center, on our wall o' fame. 
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How do I suggest a category? I can't find one that seems just right.

Square peg in a round hole? If it’s not fittin’, we need to know. We’re here to make that square peg round. If you want your wack to be seen and heard, it's gotta be in the right Category. Wacktrap needs your help to make sure the best fit is available.
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